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Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Create a WooCommerce Points and Rewards program to build your brand loyalty and increase the lifetime value of customers.


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Start rewarding your customers right away with the Best WooCommerce points and rewards plugin!

Reward Loyal Customers and make them Happy!

With the Best WooCommerce points and rewards plugin, you can build a long-lasting relationship with your customers and create the best customer experience.

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Build loyalty by Rewarding Customers

The WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin allows you to create a customized loyalty program and reward customers for purchases, signup, reviews, referrals, birthdays, social shares, and more actions.

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Earn Actions

Offer Loyalty points and rewards to customers for every action in your WooCommerce store.


Reward customers with loyalty points for shopping at your WooCommerce store & encourage them to shop frequently.

Sign Up

Let customers earn points and rewards for signing up for an account at your store.

Product review

Value their time for leaving a review with timely reward points.


Reward shoppers when they refer their friends to your brand. Acquire new customers through referrals.

Social Media Sharing

Recognize and reward the customer’s effort to endorse your brand through social sharing.

Points for Birthday

Delight customers on their special day with points and rewards.


Reward customers for completing specific actions or reaching milestones.

Reward Types

Offer flexible rewards in your loyalty program, such as points, coupons, free shipping, and free products. Let customers choose rewards that suit their buying reasons and seasons.


Let customers earn loyalty points for every penny they spend.

Percentage discount

Offer a percentage discount coupon when customers meet specific goals. You can also let customers convert their points into a percentage coupon.

Fixed Discount

Let customers earn flat discount coupons as instant rewards or allow them to convert their points when they reach a minimum threshold.

Free Shipping

Offer free shipping as a reward to increase conversion on your store and improve the customer retention rate.

Free Product

Reward customers with a free product for achieving a goal. You can also allow them to convert specific points into a free product coupon.


Make the customers feel unique with the personalized set of points and rewards in your WooCommerce store.

Conditional Campaigns

Create flexible loyalty campaigns based on various conditions—Examples: Customer groups, product categories, language, currency, order properties, and more.

Customizable Rewards Page

Create customized reward pages that suit your brand style. Change text, font, colors, and more

Campaign Scheduling

Create and schedule campaigns in advance for special occasions and promotions. Save your time and manage your loyalty program more efficiently.

Customer Management

Manage customers and their points, rewards, and coupons on a clean, easy-to-understand dashboard.


Enhance your loyalty program with the perfect addon tailored to expand its capabilities.

Launch a WooCommerce Points and Rewards Program & Build Brand Value.

A well-built WooCommerce points and rewards program builds credibility and adds value to a business’s brand image. Increase your brand visibility by launching a best WooCommerce loyalty program now.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin Features & Benefits

With our Points and Rewards Plugin for WooCommerce, reward your customers for purchases, account signup, referrals, reviews, birthdays, and social shares. Deliver them a strong customer experience with a meaningful set of rewards.


Gamify your WooCommerce loyalty program with Levels / Tiers. Let the best customers earn special rewards & exclusive perks when they move to higher levels/tiers.

Point Expiry

Create an urgency for the customers to spend their points. Add validity for the points they earn and motivate customers to redeem points before they expire.

Rewards Panel Widget

Let shoppers easily discover your loyalty program through the rewards panel. The chat-like widget allows customers to discover your campaigns and redeem their rewards quickly.


Running a multilingual store? You can localize your reward programs easily with WPLoyalty. It supports a number of popular language plugins in WordPress such as WPML.


WPLoyalty integrates seamlessly with several popular multi-currency plugins in WooCommerce.

Return Rewards

Allows customers to return their rewards and get back their points.

Email Notifications

Notify customers when they earn points and rewards. Also notify customers when their points and rewards are about to expire automatically.

Import / Export Customers

Looking to migrate from another loyalty platform? You can easily import the customers and their points balance in WPLoyalty using a CSV file. Similarly, you can export the customers and their points balance as a CSV.

How does the WooCommerce Points and Rewards program work?

Launch WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin to create a loyalty rewards program and increase sales and customer retention in your WooCommerce store.

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Campaigns and Rewards

Choose from a variety of readymade campaigns and create the rewards in a few simple steps.

Campaigns and rewards



Customize the reward page to fit your branding and launch your reward program. WPLoyalty provides easy options to change the colors and styles of your reward page.

Edit campaign reward



Launch your reward program and let customers easily discover it through customisable messages on shop pages, launcher reward panel, customer reward pages and more.

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How to Install and Activate the WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin?

With this step-by-step video tutorial, learn how to install and activate the Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Plugin. Easily set the number of points customers earn per dollar spent and the number of points required to redeem for a specific discount amount. 

Watch now and start boosting customer loyalty today!

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Create a WooCommerce Points and Rewards Program Now!

Use our best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin to reward your customers, acquire new customers through referrals and increase your sales.