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WooCommerce Loyalty Points System

Customers don’t just shop—they celebrate with every loyalty point they earn. Introduce a points-based loyalty program that rewards customers for particular behaviors and encourages repeat purchases.

Reward Loyal Customers and make them Happy!


Happy Customers


Increased Retention Rate


Return On Investment

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Collect and Earn Points Every Step of the Way

Beyond the basket: Where every action counts for points.

Points for purchase

Customers earn loyalty points every time they make a purchase at your WooCommerce store, urging repeated visits.

Reward based on spending

Spend more, score more! Let customers earn points based on their spending at your WooCommerce store.


Turn your loyal shoppers into brand advocates! Customers get rewarded every time when they introduce a friend to your store.

Sign Up

Transform site visitors into loyal customers. Offer points as a welcome gift when they sign up at your store.

Write a review

Appreciate the time customers spend on reviews by offering immediate loyalty points, and elevate the social standing of your store.


Brighten up your customers' birthdays! Offer them WooCommerce loyalty points when they share their birthdays with you.

Social shares

Acknowledge and thank the customers for their initiative to promote your brand across social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Email.

Social follow

Appreciate your loyal followers! Reward them with loyalty points when they follow your social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


Every effort is a win! Allow customers to earn points for their achievements like Moving Up a level, Daily Sign In, etc.

Reward your customers with what they desire

Customers can redeem their points for flexible reward types.

Point Conversion

Customers can convert their points into cash values.

Fixed Discount

Customers receive a fixed discount when they redeem their points.

Percentage Discount

Customers receive a percentage discount when they redeem their points.

Free Product

Customers can redeem their points to get a free product.

Free Shipping

Customers can redeem their points to get free shipping.

Encourage customer loyalty & drive repeated sales in your store with loyalty points.

Benefits of WooCommerce Loyalty Points System

Unlock the power of customer loyalty. Here are some benefits of a WooCommerce Loyalty Points System.

Encourage repeat purchase

Encourages repeat purchases

A loyalty points system rewards customers for every purchase. This motivates customers to return and shop more frequently, ensuring they maximize their earned points.

Enhance customer retention

Enhances customer retention

When customers earn points, they’re more likely to stay loyal. A points system gives them a reason to keep coming back rather than exploring other shops.

Boost overall sales volume

Boosts overall sales volume

Offering points can lead to customers buying more items or higher-priced goods to earn more rewards, increasing the store’s overall sales.

Increases brand engagement

Increases brand engagement

Customers who participate in loyalty programs interact more with the brand, be it through redeeming points, checking balances, or engaging in program-related promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers can navigate to the “Loyalty Points” or “Rewards” section. Here, they’ll see their total points, available rewards, and any relevant discounts. To redeem, they simply select the reward or discount they wish to apply and proceed with their purchase. The applicable points will then be deducted from their total, and the reward or discount will be applied to their order.

Yes, you can. Our loyalty program platform provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to view and track the points earned and redeemed by each customer.

Absolutely! Our platform is flexible and allows you to offer bonus points during specific occasions, sales events, or promotional periods. You can specify the duration, bonus points amount, and the conditions (if any) for these special points campaigns.

While our platform is versatile and can cater to most products, the decision on which products can or cannot earn points is entirely up to you. You can exclude certain items or categories from earning points, or you can offer variable points based on the product’s value or category.

The loyalty points system encourage repeat purchases and fosters customer loyalty by offering tangible rewards for continued patronage. Key benefits include:

  • Incentivizing Repeat Purchases
  • Personalized Experience
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

Join our WooCommerce Loyalty Points System and gain access to numerous benefits.

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