Grow your Business with the Loyalty

WooCommerce Loyalty Points Program!

Reward loyalty points for specific actions & retain customers. Engage customers meaningfully with a WooCommerce Loyalty points program & increase sales

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Build Brand Loyalty.

Recognize every action the customers involve in and reward them to deliver a strong, meaningful customer experience. Picking the right WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin does the magic for you.

Build Customer Engagement

Reward for every action

WooCommerce loyalty points programs help businesses improve customer engagement, create a personal bond with the customers, assure brand sustainability, and build brand affinity. Hence reward customers:

Build Customer Engagement

Reward in Time

Go Beyond and Value Customer's Time

Brand Loyalty is not about just offers, rewards, and gifts, but how you value your customers for their time spent on your brand. Reward them with Loyalty points when they:

Personalization matters more

Tailor your WooCommerce Loyalty Programs to fit your customer's needs.

Offering customers a personalized shopping experience helps in establishing customer loyalty. Use customer data wisely, create a customized WooCommerce loyalty points program, and make them feel special, connected, and valued.

Recognize, Reward, and Retain Customers easily

Build a WooCommerce loyalty points program within minutes and give your customers the experience they love.


Rank customers in different loyalty levels based on the points earned by them after purchases. Deliver the best experience based on the levels.

Flexible Reward Conditions

Create multiple rules and conditions, and offer customers rewards and loyalty points when they meet those conditions.

Referral Programs

Turn customers into brand advocates who market your products and services among their friends and family.


A clean easy-to-manage dashboard helps the customers track their accumulated reward points, and makes the redemption process easier than before.

Ready to launch a WooCommerce Loyalty Points Program?

Nurture customer loyalty and drive repeated sales in your store with loyalty points.