Empower Your Loyalty Program with Point Expiry

Point Expiry for WooCommerce

We understand how vital loyalty points are for your business and your customers. With the all-new Point Expiry feature in WPLoyalty, it is easier to set an expiration date for points earned by your customers.

Reward Loyal Customers and make them Happy!


Happy Customers


Increased Retention Rate


Return On Investment

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Features That Set You Apart

With Point Expiry for WooCommerce in WPLoyalty, you’re not just adding a feature; you’re integrating an experience.

Timely Reminders

No more lost opportunities or dissatisfied customers. With our automatic email notifications, your customers will always be reminded to redeem their loyalty points before they evaporate. It’s like a gentle nudge urging them to indulge in their favorite products.

Customizable Expiry Dates

Every business is unique, and so should its loyalty program. With Point Expiry, you can customize your points’ expiry. Whether you want them to last a season or expire at the year's end, the control is at your fingertips. Craft a loyalty program that aligns perfectly with your business flow.

Seamless Integration

Forget the tech jargon, coding sequences, and complex integrations. Point Expiry is designed to slide effortlessly into your existing WooCommerce setup. No complicated procedures are involved. A few clicks, and voila! Your loyalty program just got a facelift.

Boost customer loyalty and sales with the WooCommerce Point-Expiry Add-on.

Quick Set Up in Just 3 Steps!

Activate the Add-on

Visit the WPLoyalty dashboard, go to Add-ons, and activate the Point Expiry Add-on.

activate the add on

Customize Your Expiry Settings

Set your preferred point expiry duration in days and customize your notification messages.

Customize expiry settings

Go live

Save the changes. That’s it! Your Point Expiry system is now up and running.

Go live

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! WPLoyalty Point Expiry is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing loyalty setup.

Once points expire, they are removed from the customer’s account and cannot be redeemed.

Customers will receive automated email reminders based on the notification settings you’ve chosen.

Yes, if you wish to halt the expiry process for a period, you can deactivate the feature from the admin dashboard and reactivate it whenever you’re ready.

Ensure your loyal customers always receive the rewards they truly deserve. Utilize our user-friendly Points Expiry Add-on!

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