Increase Customer Lifetime Value with

Tiered Loyalty Program

Classify customers based on points earned and strategically add rewards, perks, and experience. Use tiered loyalty program in your WooCommerce store and show appreciation to your loyal customers!

Tiered Loyalty Program

Make them never look elsewhere!

Reward back value with WPLoyalty’s tiered loyalty programs. 


Group customers into various loyalty levels based on the points earned. Offer personalized rewards and cultivate loyalty.

Brand Each Loyalty Level

An insider, VIP, or a tribe - Name and address each level according to your branding needs.

Pick a Limit

Define values for each level, this point parameter assigns a tier to every customer.

Label them

Use a customized image for each loyalty level. Readily identify each customer's purchase history.

Prioritize Passionate Customers, Make Them Your VIPs

A game plan for exclusivity and increased customer loyalty. Ignite your customers’ sense of belonging with loyalty levels.

Customers, Cultivated for Lifetime!

WPLoyalty’s tiered loyalty program lets you group customers based on the loyalty program metrics you follow. Identify high-value customers using tiers & deliver the best customer experience.

Customers, Cultivated for Lifetime!
Target Based on Tiers

Target Based on Tiers

A segmented approach to incentivizing customers! You get to choose who gets the front row and who is treated special based on loyalty levels.

Build Brand Affinity with Tiered Loyalty Program

Customers love personalized interactions; What’s better than that is personalized benefits! Offer personalized benefits based on their loyalty level.

Amplified Brand Affinity

Recognize, Reward, & Retain Customers with Tiered Loyalty Program

Build a customer loyalty program within minutes and give your customers the experience they love.

Points and Rewards

Reward customers with loyalty points and coupons for every action they perform in your store.

Flexible Reward Conditions

Create multiple rules and conditions, and offer customers rewards and loyalty points when they meet those conditions.

Referral Programs

Turn customers into brand advocates who market your products and services among their friends and family.


A clean easy-to-manage dashboard helps the customers track their accumulated reward points, and makes the redemption process easier than before.

Delight VIP customers with Tiered Loyalty Program!

Reward customers based on their loyalty levels and increase sales.