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WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Cultivating a loyal customer base is now simple! Reward customers for every action they take. Increase loyalty and retain them using the best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

Why you should have Points and Rewards Plugin for your WooCommerce store?

Loyal customers are crucial – not only can they double your sales, but can also amplify Word of mouth.

Growing loyal customers has never been this easy. WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin like WPLoyalty is set to redefine the way you run your loyalty points and rewards campaigns.

Reward customers for various actions. Run multiple campaigns at once. Incentivize for every engagement & watch their loyalty rise.

We weren’t joking about Word of mouth, Run a Referral program with WPLoyalty. Turn loyal customers into brand advocates & influence Word of mouth sales.

It is unlike any other WooCommerce points and rewards plugin existing in the market. WPLoyalty is an Advanced points and rewards plugin using which you work wonders for your WooCommerce store.

It doesn’t end here. The real fun is packed in the reward conditions. Reward customers based on conditions like,

Features that enable easy discoverability..

Build a Loyalty Experience your customers love

Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Features - Reward for Every Action

What makes WPLoyalty unique is the multitude of rewards you can offer customers. It’s time to switch from the basic points and reward program.

Purchasing Campaign


Repeat purchases influence loyalty. Reward loyalty points for completing a purchase. Encourage them to return for more, a time-tested technique to drive repeated sales.

Amount Spent

Increase average order value readily. Reward points based on the amount they spend. Encourage them to add more value to their cart.

Ex - Spend $100 to earn 50 loyalty points or a 10% discount.

Reward based on spending Campaign
Purchasing Campaign

Order Goals

Make them return again & again. Set an order goal & reward customers for accomplishing it, drive repeated sales easily.

Ex - 50% discount for customers with 10 orders.


Expand your customer base. Turn existing customers into brand advocates & acquire new customers. Reward both the Referrer & Referral.

Referral Campaign
Sign up Campaign

Signing up

A visitor enters your store, why be quiet, encourage them to sign up & convert them by offering a loyalty reward. This gesture will push them to return to your store for more.

Ex - Sign up now & earn 50% discount on your first order

Write a review

Social proof increases credibility which in turn influences your sales. Encourage customers to write a review, and reward them with loyalty points for their actions.

Ex - Write a review and earn 100 Loyalty points

Write a review Campaign
Birthday Campaign


Delight customers on their birthday, they won’t forget that. Reward customers on their special day & increase loyalty.

Social sharing

Social sharing increases brand awareness. Reward customers for sharing your store via Social media. Improve brand visibility and attract more customers to your store.

Social Sharing

Advanced Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

What makes WPLoyalty unique is the multitude of rewards you can offer customers. It’s time to switch from the basic points and rewards program.

Loyalty Points

Reward exclusive points for their loyalty. Let customers earn loyalty points for every dollar they spend.

Fixed discount

Delight customers with a Fixed amount discount for specific actions they take. Take a flat amount off of their complete order.

Free shipping

Offer Free shipping as a reward. Relieve customers of their order’s shipping charges.

Percentage discount

Acknowledge your customer’s loyalty with a percentage discount. Offer a flat percentage off of their order.

Free product

Not every time you see this loyalty reward. Reward customers with a free product for their loyalty.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin - Frequenty asked questions

Yes, Customers can convert the points earned into coupons.

Not just Order Total, you can reward points to customers based on various Order Conditions including Order Total.

No, you cannot set expiry dates for points. Customers can convert the points to coupons & you can set coupon expiration date.

Yes, there are three ways available to round off points.

  1. Round off to the nearest integer
  2. Round Up (Ex – 5.5 will be rounded off to 6)
  3. Round Down ( Ex – 5.5 will be rounded off to 5)

Yes, you can display messages regarding the points on the Product, Cart & Checkout pages. You can customize the display messages block to suit your brand style.

You can create ‘My rewards’ page for easy discoverability. You can customize the page to suit your preference.

Points can be redeemed by applying them on the cart or checkout page. Customers can convert the points to coupons & earn a discount.

Ready to Increase Customer Loyalty with Points and Rewards Plugin?

Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.