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Guest Referral

by WPLoyalty

Guest Referral Add-on enables you to instantly offer referral rewards to referred customers (friends) as soon as they submit their email addresses. Customers can then redeem this reward in their very first order.

What is WPLoyalty - Guest Referral?

Guest Referral Add-on is the perfect solution for providing referral rewards to referred/new customers (friends) on their first purchase. When a new customer provides their email address via referral pop-up, they will receive an instant coupon reward. Now, the reward can be used on their very first purchase itself, enhancing both customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The person who referred new customers also receives referral rewards through referral campaigns once their friend completes the first purchase.

Why does your store need a WPLoyalty - Guest
Referral Add-on?

  • Offering referral rewards for new customers in their first purchase will increase word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Encourage new customers to continue shopping and become loyal members.
  • Your store can reach a wide range of customer base, keeping them engaged with your brand.
  • Acquiring a customer through a referral often has a higher lifetime value.

How does the WPLoyalty - Guest Referral Add-on work?

Purchase and download the WPLoyalty – Guest Referral Add-on. Once downloaded, proceed to install and activate the add-on.

Note: You need to enter the license key and activate it.

Guest Referral Add-on on WPLoyalty dashboard

Create a referral campaign and set the points and rewards for existing customers and new customers. Then, Go to WPLoyalty dashboard -> Add-ons. Activate the add-on “WPLoyalty – Guest Referral”-> click on the button “Open.” 

Then, from the settings tab, enter and activate the license key. Select the created Referral Campaign in the setting “Choose a referral campaign that is eligible for the guest referral” and save it. 

Now, when new customers enter through an existing customer’s referral link, a pop-up window is displayed with the requirement of an email address.

Reward Claim Pop-up

Once the new customer submits the email ID and clicks “Claim reward” he will receive the coupon reward instantly in which they can use it for their first purchase itself.

Reward Coupon Pop-up

As soon as a new customer/ Friend completes his first purchase, the existing customer will also be rewarded.


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Frequently Asked Questions

New customers typically benefit from Guest Referral addons by receiving coupon rewards when they make a purchase through an existing customer’s referral link.

Existing customers usually gain some kind of reward or points for each new customer they successfully refer. Once the referred person completes the first purchase, the existing customer is rewarded.

The Referral Campaign offers a reward to a friend or a new customer once they finish their initial purchase, which they can later redeem in their second or future orders.

With the WPLoyalty – Guest Referral Addon, you can give Referral Campaign rewards to new customers or friends as soon as they submit their email ID. They can then use this reward in their very first order itself.

There are two ways you can find the license key after purchasing the Add-on:
  • Purchase Confirmation email: We send this email as soon as you have purchased the addon. The email contains the link to download the latest version of the WPLoyalty – Guest Referral and the license key.
  • Your WPLoyalty Account page: Please go to the My Account page. Log in with your email address and password. Once logged into the My Account page, you will be able to download the latest version of the plugin and also get the license key.

Once you get the license key, Go to WordPress backend -> WPLoyalty -> Add-ons -> choose the WPLoyalty – Guest Referral add-on -> click on Open -> Settings. Then, enter the license key and Activate it. 

Yes, WPLoyalty PRO and WPLoyalty – Guest Referral Add-on require different license keys. So please make sure to activate the license key for both respectively.

Yes, you can customize the popup where new customers claim their rewards. For customizing, Go to WordPress backend -> WPLoyalty -> Add-ons -> choose the WPLoyalty – Guest Referral add-on -> click on Open -> Reward Claim Pop-up.