Multi-lingual Compatibility

by WPLoyalty

The Multi-lingual Compatibility – Dynamic Strings Add-on simplifies translating dynamic strings like campaign title and description in WPLoyalty.

Dynamic string translation

WPLoyalty Multi-lingual Compatibility Add-on

The WPloyalty – Multi-lingual Compatibility refers to the process of translating dynamic strings or texts that are generated and displayed within your WPLoyalty plugin. 

Multi-lingual Compatibility add-on can help you to translate dynamic strings from WPLoyalty plugin which includes campaign title, campaign description, reward title, reward description and so on.

Why use Multi-lingual Compatibility

How does it Work

To activate the Multi-lingual Compatibility, you can download and install WPLoyalty plugin. Then, you can activate the Add-on.

Activate multi lingual compatibility

Once the add-on is activated you can update Dynamic string for WPML. Further, you can now easily translate the campaign and reward name into various languages you prefer.

Update dynamic string for wpml

Once you synchronize the campaign name and description, your customers can see the texts in their preferred languages.


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What's included


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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of Multi-lingual Compatibility is to provide a flexible and efficient way to translate strings of text in WPLoyalty plugin. It allows you to translate these strings based on the user’s preferred language or locale.

Using Multi-lingual Compatibility offers several benefits for customers including, multilingual support, localization, real-time updates, consistency

Yes, Multi-lingual Compatibility can support multiple languages. It is designed to handle various language translations based on the compatibility. The specific languages supported will depend on the implementation and the resources provided for translation.

Multi-lingual Compatibility relies on various mechanisms to ensure translation accuracy with the effectiveness of translation, well-built translation plugin and correct any inaccuracies in the translated texts.

Multi-lingual Compatibility can involve both manual and automated processes. Initially, you can manually identify and extract the UI strings for translation. However, once the strings are in the translation management system, the process can be automated by using automated translation plugins with professional translation workflows.

Multi-lingual Compatibility significantly impacts user experience and customer satisfaction include, language preferences, tailoring their software to specific markets, ensuring cultural relevance and meeting local user expectations and consistency.

Enhance WPLoyalty experience with the Multi-lingual Compatibility Add-on

Translate dynamic strings, reach a diverse global audience, and boost engagement effortlessly.

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