WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards Program

Transform your online store and supercharge your customer loyalty program with the WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards Plugin. Reward your customers for their actions and create a personalized loyalty experience that retains existing customers and attracts new ones.

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Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce - What Sets Us Apart

Why settle for the basics when you can have the best? WPLoyalty’s WooCommerce Rewards Plugin goes beyond usual loyalty programs, offering comprehensive and customizable rewards that genuinely excite and retain customers.

Overcome Common Customer Pain Points

Many businesses struggle with implementing a rewards program that’s both engaging and manageable. We’ve designed our WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards Plugin to address these challenges head-on:

Ease of Use

Set up your loyalty program with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.


Tailor your rewards program to fit your brand and your customers' needs, making every interaction meaningful.


Our rewards system is designed to keep your customers engaged, turning one-time buyers into loyal brand advocates.

Rewards types

Unique and Flexible Reward System

Discover innovative loyalty add-ons: Boost engagement, retention, and delight with new reward strategies.

Loyalty Points

Reward your customers for every purchase, interaction, referral, and social share with loyalty points that translate into tangible benefits.

Percentage Discounts

Encourage more spending by offering attractive percentage discounts for meeting minimum spending thresholds.

Fixed Discounts

Acknowledge and reward every action your customers take with fixed discounts, fostering a strong sense of community and loyalty.

Free Products

Boost engagement and loyalty by gifting free products and offering free shipping - surefire ways to enhance customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Free Shipping

Offer free shipping as a loyalty reward to encourage repeat purchases. This incentive reduces cart abandonment and enhances customer satisfaction.

Loyalty Points Conversion

Convert loyalty points into valuable discounts easily. For example, with a conversion of 500 points to $5, each point is worth $0.01, allowing a customer redeeming 100 points to receive a $1 discount.

Loyalty points conversion
Percentage discount

Percentage Discount

Massive Savings Await! Each Dollar Takes You Further Towards Unmatched Deals. Spend with us and discover discounts that turn every purchase into a chance for remarkable savings.

Fixed Discount

With Fixed Discounts, Every Purchase is a Win. Unlock the potential of fixed discounts to captivate and retain your customers. Let every purchase come with the promise of value, making your store the go-to choice for savvy shoppers.

Fixed discount

Customer Reviews

What Our Buddies Say

Hear it straight from our users - the good, the quirky, and everything in between about our loyalty program.


Good plugin, excellent support

We purchased the wployalty plugin for a client. All the features were supported correctly. Technical support was immediately available when needed. We are satisfied.

– Websonica


Great Plugin and Awesome support!

Plugin works great! and support is very responsive

Thank you!

Great features, Amazing Support

I was looking for a Loyalty plugin, and this ticked all the boxes accept one, it looked like pretty new offering...

– arpitkr


Great loyalty system and amazing support crew!

After days of research we found this plugin. Guys who are developing it are allways available and ready to include all suggestions in their future upgrades. Really appreciate!

– kiborge


Free Product

Nothing Beats Free! Gift More, Gain More with Free Products. Elevate your customer's shopping experience by rewarding them with a free product when they meet specific conditions. This approach delights customers, increases loyalty, encourages repeat business, and enhances the overall value of your WooCommerce store.

Free shipping

Free Shipping

Unlock Free Shipping, Unlock Happiness. Give your customers the ultimate shopping perk with free shipping rewards. This incentive not only makes purchasing more appealing but also significantly boosts customer retention and satisfaction, turning every delivery into a celebration.

why Choose?

Our WooCommerce Rewards Program

Explore the advantages of our WooCommerce Rewards Program, designed to boost loyalty and drive sales.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty and Growth

A strong rewards program builds lasting customer relationships, boosting repeat business and attracting new clients through positive word-of-mouth.

Increase Your Sales and Profits

The WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards Plugin isn't just rewards; it's a strategic asset to boost order size and sales. Tailored rewards encourage higher spending and brand connection.

Customizable Reward Conditions

Our plugin allows you to customize the rules. You can specify the number of points redeemable, determine the expiration of coupons, and offer rewards for meaningful customer actions.

Diverse Reward Options

Our plugin provides an array of reward choices from fixed discounts to free shipping, catering to various customer tastes and promoting a broad spectrum of lucrative behaviors.

Unlock the Power of Our WooCommerce Rewards Program!

Maximize customer retention, boost sales, and foster brand loyalty with our top-rated WooCommerce Rewards Plugin. Start rewarding your customers today and watch your business thrive!

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Frequently Asked Questions And Resources

Do you have a question about WPLoyalty Plugin? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

What does the WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards Plugin offer?

The WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards Plugin provides comprehensive solutions to enhance customer loyalty and retention for online stores. It offers customizable rewards and features to incentivize customer engagement and drive sales.

Customers can convert their earned loyalty points into valuable discounts using the Loyalty Points Conversion feature. For example, they can redeem 100 points for a $5 discount. Store owners define the conversion rate, set expiry dates for coupons, and adjust the minimum and maximum points redeemable per discount.

Percentage Discounts encourage customers to spend more by offering attractive discounts based on their loyalty points. For instance, customers redeeming 100 points can get a 15% discount on their purchase. Store owners define the percentage discount value, set expiry dates for coupons, and limit the number of times a customer can redeem this reward.

Yes, the WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards Plugin allows offering Fixed Discounts as rewards. Store owners easily set the discount value, expiry dates for coupons, and utilize conditional rules to offer specific discounts to targeted audiences.

The Free Product reward offers customers a complimentary product when they meet specific conditions, such as redeeming a certain number of loyalty points. Store owners choose the product to be offered for free, set expiry dates for coupons, and limit how often a customer can redeem this reward.

Free Shipping rewards offer customers free delivery on their purchases, making purchasing more appealing and boosting customer retention and satisfaction. Store owners set expiry dates for coupons and limit how often a customer can redeem this reward.

Our WooCommerce Rewards Program strengthens customer loyalty, increases sales and profits, and addresses challenges in your loyalty program. With customizable reward conditions and diverse reward options, our plugin fosters enduring customer relationships and delivers unparalleled benefits for your online store.