WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards

Customers love Rewards! Transform your loyalty program into an attraction with exciting rewards. Encourage specific actions from customers & deliver a personalized loyalty experience with advanced loyalty rewards.

Advanced rewards catered to boost sales

Loyalty points

Let customers earn loyalty points for every penny they spend.

Percentage discount

Excite customers with an attractive flat % of reward points for reaching every minimum spending threshold.

Free Product

Free Products and Gifts boost conversion rates and cultivate customer engagement significantly.

Free Shipping

Increase your store’s customer retention rate by offering Free Shipping as a reward.

Fixed Discount

Recognize and reward customers for every win-win action they engage in, with flat discount coupons or vouchers—eg. Sign up, Purchase, Referral, or Review.

Rewards your customers will love

What makes WPLoyalty unique is the multitude of rewards you can offer customers. It’s time to switch from the basic rewards program.

Loyalty Points

Encourage Specific actions

Points for actions! Reward loyalty points when customers perform specific actions.You can offer loyalty points for every dollar a customer spends.

Ex - Earn 300 loyalty points by signing up

Fixed Discount

Earn repeat purchases

Delight customers with a Fixed discount. Take a flat amount off of their total order when they meet the right conditions.

Ex - Purchase over $500 & get $50 discount

Fixed Discount
Percentage Discount

Percentage discount

High average order value

The common discount! Offer a percentage discount for their loyalty. Satisfy customers by siphing a certain percentage off from their cart total.

Ex - Purchase for $300 and Get a 30% discount

Free Product

Grow a loyal customer base

‘Free’ excites customers. Reward a product for free when customers meet the right reward condition.

Ex - Purchase product A and get product B as reward

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Generate Word of mouth

Free shipping is a deal closer. Offer free shipping for customer’s loyalty. Relieve customers of their order’s shipping charges and watch your sales skyrocket.

Ex - Use a specific payment method & earn Free shipping

Loyalty rewards that your customers deserve

Make your customers adore your store and increase customer loyalty with advanced rewards.