Point Expiry

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WPLoyalty – Point Expiry Add-on helps you create excitement and motivate your customers to redeem points.

Point Expiry

What is a Point-Expiry Add-on?

WPLoyalty – Point-Expiry add-on allows you to set point expiry dates for the points earned by customers. With this feature, you can motivate your customers to make use of the points before it expires. 

Why does your store need a WooCommerce Point-Expiry Add-on?

How does a Point-Expiry Add-on Work?

To make the Point-Expiry add-on work better, you must visit the WPLoyalty site in WordPress, then click on Add-on. Now, you can find the Point-Expiry Add-on. All you have to do is activate the add-on. 

Point-Expiry add-on

To enable the point expiry feature, you must go to ‘Settings’ and click on enable point expiry feature. Now, you can set the dates as per your preference and start motivating customers to redeem their points before it expires.


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Boost customer loyalty and sales with the WooCommerce Point-Expiry Add-on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can manually set different expiry dates for different customers using WPLoyalty – Point Expiry add-on. Visit the WPLoyalty site -> Click on ‘Add-ons’ -> Open the ‘Point-Expiry Add-on’ -> Click on Manage Point Expiry. Now, you will get a list of your customers where you can set different expiry dates for different customers.

You can track and manage expired points for individual customers by visiting the Customer Screen on WPLoyalty-> Click on ‘Each customer’s name and scroll down to find the history.

Yes, you can remind customers of their points’ upcoming expiry date with WPLoyalty – Point Expiry add-ons. Visit the WPLoyalty site -> Click on ‘Add-ons’ -> Open the ‘Point-Expiry App’ -> Click on settings -> Select ‘Send an email notification before the expiry of points’ -> select the day before an expiry email notification be sent’ and click ‘Save Changes’.

No, you can’t offer customers the option to extend the expiry date of their points. Instead, you can manually change the expiry dates of each customer by using the ‘Manage Point Expiry’ option.

Yes, you can encourage customers to use their points before expiration by reminding them of the importance of points and by emailing them that points are about to expire. Also, ensure your rewards are attractive and worth the effort for customers to redeem them.

Ensure your customers get the rewards they deserve with our easy-to-use Points Expiry Add-on!

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