Customer Loyalty Program

Cultivating a loyal customer base is now simple! Reward customers for every action they take. Increase loyalty and retain them using the best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

Encourage action with Loyalty rewards


Amount spent

Order goals

Signing up

Writing a review

Referring a friend

Social sharing


WPLoyalty - Setting a new standard in Loyalty Programs

WPLoyalty is unlike any other loyalty plugins you’ve seen. With Advanced reward conditions, points management, branding, real-time analytics & more, it can work wonders for your store.

From increasing customer loyalty to making customers engage with your store better, our customer loyalty plugin has the juice to do it all. Here’s why WPLoyalty is unique from other basic loyalty plugins,

Accomplish wonders with WPLoyalty

Packed with advanced features, WPLoyalty will help you provide a loyalty experience that your customers deserve. Run a customer loyalty program & achieve these,

Customer loyalty

Increase loyalty by rewarding customers for every interaction.

Customer retention

Boost retention rate by rewarding customers for referring their friends.

Customer engagement

Encouraging customers with rewards for every action will increase engagement.

Social proof

Encourage customers to write a review & boost social proof.

Customer acquisition

Acquiring new customers is costly, get customers cost-effectively via Referral program.

WOM sales

Turn existing customers into brand advocates & generate WOM sales.

WPLoyalty does it all

Multiple Reward conditions like never before

Loyalty rewards

Turn visitors into customers

Be everywhere your customers are. Reward customers for specific interactions in your store. Encourage to take action & reward them. Increase engagement & loyalty simultaneously.

Multitude of Rewards

Make your customer love

We didn’t want to limit ourselves to basic rewards. Your customers deserve something special, deliver the experience they need with valuable & relevant loyalty rewards.

Referral program

Generate WOM sales

Acquire new customers cost-effectively. Turn existing customers into brand advocates & generate WOM. Reward both the Referrer and the Referral after the first successful purchase.

Insightful Analytics

Know what’s happening in real time

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, if you don’t know what’s happening in your customer loyalty program. Thanks to our clean dashboard, you can check your campaign’s performance in real-time & re-strategize accordingly.

Take complete control

Build a program that suits your brand

WPLoyalty doesn’t leave you stranded anywhere. Take complete control of your loyalty program, make use of the diverse settings to create the best loyalty experience for your customers.

Reward for valuable engagement

Multiple Reward conditions like never before

Common reward conditions

We weren’t joking when we talked about diverse reward conditions. Not everywhere can you see these, we made sure that you can engage with customers in every possible scenario.

Cart reward conditions

Increasing average order value will double your revenue. Encourage customers to add more value to their cart by rewarding loyalty points based on various cart status.

Product reward conditions

Reward loyalty points based on various product based conditions. Push customers to purchase more products & increase your sales.

Order reward conditions

As said before, engage with customers wherever they are. Customers will perform various actions at order/checkout. Make sure you reward them based on those interactions with these conditions.

Take complete control

Launching a customer loyalty program is easier than ever

Build a Loyalty Experience your customers love

Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.