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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Loyalty Program: Increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Launcher Widget in WPLoyalty makes it easy for customers to discover and join your loyalty program.

Set expiry dates for loyalty points with our Point Expiry App.  Ensure customers use their points before they expire.

Multi Currency add-on enables compatibility with popular multi-currency plugins. So you can allow customers to earn and redeem points in their store currency. 

The Multi-lingual Compatibility Add-on simplifies translating dynamic strings like campaign title and description in WPLoyalty. The add-on allows multi-lingual plugins like LocoTranslate and WPML to find them and make them available you to translate, enhancing multilingual capabilities for localized content and better audience engagement.

The Discount Rules Integration add-on combines WPLoyalty and Flycart’s Discount Rules plugins, enabling store owners to implement level-based discounts for their valued customers. With this seamless integration, customers can enjoy exclusive discounts based on their Customer Levels, utilizing the advanced capabilities of our Discount Rules plugin.

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