Introducing Judge Me Product Reviews Add-on

We are super excited to announce that WPLoyalty has got a powerful Judge Me Product Reviews Add-on. Now, when customers write reviews on, you can give them points or rewards. Judge Me Product Reviews Judge Me Product Reviews Add-on lets WPLoyalty and work together easily.  It creates a seamless integration between WPLoyalty and […]

Introducing Birthday Email and Level Achievement Notification & much more in WPLoyalty 1.2.4

We are excited to announce interesting enhancements to WPLoyalty 1.2.4 – Birthday Email and Level Achievement Notification, Settings for display conditions (user role, user level, current and next user level), Minimum amount order goal conditions, Settings for birthday input field (one-time edit or multiple times), and Common settings for date format. Birthday Email and Level […]

Introducing High-Performance Order Storage Compatibility in WPLoyalty 1.2.3

Get ready for a game-changing update that will supercharge your eCommerce operations and loyalty management. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest advancements: High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) and its seamless compatibility with our powerful WPLoyalty plugin. High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) Experience fast order management like never before. HPOS optimizes the storage and retrieval of order data, […]

Introducing Three Powerful Add-ons of WPLoyalty

We’re super excited to announce that WPLoyalty has got three powerful add-ons: Multi Currency, Multi-lingual Compatibility and Discount Rules Integration. Multi Currency The WPLoyalty – Multi Currency add-on, offers automated currency conversion, allowing customers to earn and redeem points using their store’s currency. This add-on seamlessly integrates with four widely-used multi-currency plugins for WooCommerce, ensuring […]

Introducing Color Personalization in WPLoyalty 1.2.2

We are thrilled to introduce exciting updates in WPLoyalty 1.2.2 _ changing colors at the customer rewards page and more improvements. Color Personalization – Customer Rewards Page You can now personalize the colors of your rewards page! Customize the border color, background color, and text color to match your style and brand identity. To change […]

Introducing New Achievement Campaign in WPLoyalty 1.2.1

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new achievement campaign in WPLoyalty 1.2.1! This new update is designed to incentivize customers for their achievements to engage more with your brand and drive sales growth. Achievement Campaign With this new campaign, you can create customized achievement campaigns that offer customers rewards for reaching specific […]

Introducing Redeem Count & more improvements in WPLoyalty 1.1.10

We are very excited to introduce redeem count option for rewards, better points management and onboarding wizard for first time installation in WPLoyalty 1.1.10 Redeem Count This new option allows you to limit the number of times a customer can redeem a particular reward with their points. For example: You may be having a free […]

Introducing Launcher Widget 2.0 in WPLoyalty 1.1.9

The Launcher widget has got better in WPLoyalty 1.1.9. Customize the Launcher widget to fit your branding easily and let your customers discover your loyalty rewards program. New Improved Launcher Widget The Launcher widget is one of the best ways to showcase your loyalty program and rewards to your customers. We have re-designed the entire […]

Introducing purchase history based conditions in WPLoyalty 1.1.8

You can create Points and Rewards campaigns based on the purchase history conditions with the WPLoyalty now. Example: 100 points for the first order, 200 points if the last order amount is greater than $2000, $50 reward if you purchased 10 quantities of cap in the last 30 days. Purchase History Based Conditions Rewarding customers […]