How to increase customer engagement?


How to increase customer engagement

Winning a new customer for your eCommerce business is not so easy, but once you do, it’s time for you to figure out how to engage the newly acquired customers in a better way. To increase customer engagement, you need the best strategies and ways to improve customer engagement in WooCommerce.

The better the customer engagement, the better the customer experience. A better customer experience means customers will return for repeat purchases and become loyal customers, and it turns to getting themselves into the customer engagement cycle naturally.

In this blog, let us explore various ways on how do you increase customer engagement in WooCommerce and how to measure them.

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What is a Customer Engagement Strategy in WooCommerce?

A customer Engagement Strategy in WooCommerce is a marketing approach that builds a closer connection between the brand and the customers. In other words, it’s a customer relationship-building method every eCommerce business is keenly working towards.

From creating a remarkable first impression to nurturing customer loyalty, customer engagement plays a vital role in the brand-building journey.

How to Increase Customer Engagement?

It is the most brainstormed topic by eCommerce businesses, and the best solution to this question is an effective customer engagement strategy. Yes! WooCommerce Customer Engagement Strategy is one of the ways to monitor the relationship between the customer and the company.

In the past, providing the product with its best quality was enough. But now, attracting customers and retaining them is more important. You can improve customer engagement with the best customer engagement strategies, and you must concentrate on

  • Delivering value from an incredible service or product,
  • Offering incredible post-sale support,
  • Formulating powerful communication that solidifies the customer experience.

Importance of WooCommerce Customer Engagement

Increasing Customer Engagement in WooCommerce automatically helps customers find your products and find them more valuable than your competitors. Every customer influences the growth of your business. So, appropriate WooCommerce Customer Engagement Strategies will create brand advocates who will refer your brand to their family or friends and bring in new customers.

Increasing Customer Engagement will also bring back lost customers to your stores. Creating proper WooCommerce Customer Engagement Strategies will improve the customer experience at your stores and develop brand loyalty. Loyal customers boost sales metrics, and an engaged customer will purchase the same brand’s product more often.

Also, when you increase customer engagement, it fills in as a significant information-driven action. Engaged ones frequently connect with your brand, furnishing you with many more purchases.

10 Best Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

Taking the business to the next level of success is a part of your vision and goals. Following the best customer engagement strategies is apparently important to reach your marketing goals. So, it would be best to know how you increase customer engagement.

Here we are! The following best customer engagement strategies are for you, which will enhance you with more ways to improve customer engagement in WooCommerce.

Create a Better Shopping Experience.

Giving your customers a memorable shopping experience is essential to improve customer engagement. Here are a few example scenarios of awful customer experiences:

  • Holding too long to talk to a support executive
  • Complex online checkout
  • Payment failures despite entering all data.
  • Not having a great brand name.

So what about making a few worthy ones?

Trying to provide an incredible customer experience implies mapping all methods you collaborate with customers. It can be in a physical store, site, social media pages, messages, support center, etc. Do comprehensive research on each and see where you can improve customer engagement in WooCommerce and their experience.

Reward Customers with a Loyalty Program

An added advantage to increasing customer engagement is Customer Loyalty Programs. The more you connect with your customers, the more they will be loyal to your brand.

Take things to the next step by rewarding your loyal customers.

Offer your loyal customers a discount the next time they purchase from your brand, or give them a glimpse of your new products before they are open to the public.

Loyalty programs are excellent customer engagement strategies that create profit in recurring revenue and help build brand loyalty. So, it’s vital to reward loyal shoppers who consistently engage with your store.

Build a Referral Program

Nurturing customer loyalty, and you can create a simple referral program that helps your loyal customers refer your brand to their loved ones. Happy customers go beyond satisfied purchases and spread the word about their shopping experience and your products. So it’s the ideal time for you to work out a referral program to generate more meaningful engagement and increase sales.

If you have power referrers who reliably refer others to your business, reward them with a suitable incentive and thank them for their referrals. It doesn’t take a lot to make customers feel appreciated; however, this WooCommerce Customer Engagement can make them savagely loyal to your brand.

Ask for Product Reviews

To increase customer engagement, asking your customers for product reviews is essential. Most customers make purchasing decisions after reading product reviews, and reviews help your brand to identify areas where you need to improve your product or its quality.

Also, product reviews benefit your store in various ways,

  • It helps boost the reputation and credibility of your brand.
  • Serves as social proof to help increase conversions and sales.
  • Helps you improve your brand visibility.

Engage Customers through Email Marketing

Increase customer engagement by engaging customers through email marketing. Email marketing is cost-effective using the best-automated email marketing plugin, and an effective plugin can reach your target audience in no time.

You can gather customer purchasing history and send product suggestions based on the customer data you collected. By sending personalized emails, you can increase sales and revenue.

You can promote your new product, offer special deals and discounts through emails, and increase customer engagement. Also, by sending regular emails, you can reduce the risk of them churning.

Win-back Strategy for Inactive Customers

A win-back strategy is a plan to re-engage with your inactive customers and convert them back into active customers. When they come back and engage in value-delivering activities, you naturally witness an increase in sales. A better customer engagement strategy helps you winback inactive customers and re-engages with them effectively.

All you have to do is:

  • Identify inactive customers
  • Determine the reason for inactivity
  • Re-engage with the customers through email
  • Personalize the experience by offering discounts
  • Keep track of the response rate and conversion rate
  • Keep the customer engaged by providing excellent customer service

Run Surveys to Collect Feedback

The simplest method for knowing what customers need from your business and to increase customer engagement is to ask them—People like being heard. So, ask them what you can assist them with, events they might want to join in, or the kind of content they are looking for from your business.

For instance, let us say that you are a Zumba instructor, and you notice less attendance than usual. Discover the ‘Why’ behind it. Ask your customers for the reasons as the first measure. It could be because they need classes later in the evening or at the weekends, or maybe because they need other classes.

You can quickly increase customer engagement by asking your customers what they’re searching for and giving them what they need.

Watch what customers are talking about your business by handling your reviews on sites like Yelp and Google. If you have very few positive reviews, work to build the number of reviews you have. If you have received constructive reviews, consider them. Figure out how to manage negative reviews and show clients that you are paying them close attention.

Run Contests

Everybody loves contests, and it doesn’t only give the pleasure of winning a particular prize, but a lot more than that! People love to have fun.

That adrenaline rush from figuring they may win, close to winning, and thinking what to do if they win.

Irrespective of the social media platform you prefer, a contest executed well is an extraordinary method for engaging your normal customer and transforming them into loyal ones.

For example, Instagram has a speedy and simple contest arrangement. With more than 400 million active Instagram users, it is an impeccable place to run your contest and increase customer engagement.

Engage People on Social media

In increasing customer engagement, social-media interaction plays an important role. You can engage people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Email.

You can also encourage customers to share your product on social media and reward them for the action. For example, “Share our product on social media and get instant 50 points” or “Share our product with your friends on Facebook and get 5% OFF”. The ever-evolving behavior of shoppers in this age should impact your insight into social media advertising.

Gain Attention through Videos

People love watching more than reading or listening. Video is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable ways to increase customer engagement.

The secret to making an incredible WooCommerce customer engagement is extraordinary video narration. The digital medium has radically changed how we live. But a few fundamental human characteristics won’t ever change. In particular, the love for stories.

Human cerebrums are attracted to narratives. We prefer videos to figure out the world, and all that occurs around us. Organizations should attempt making fascinating stories to increase customer engagement.

Focusing on proper videos to target audiences through social media implies you are bound to improve customer engagement and interest.

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How do you Increase Customer Engagement by Measuring Metrics?

Increase customer engagement by measuring your store’s performance metrics. Learn more about the metrics.

Average time spent on your website

When a potential shopper spends quite a while on your page or perusing around your site, you can know that you gained their attention and engagement.

Open and Click Rates

Everybody gets a huge load of messages and emails. When customers reliably open and navigate through links in your messages, it indicates that they care about your brand and find your content meaningful.

Interaction on Social Media

The likes, shares, retweets, and comments of a follower show their engagement with your brand. Intently watching your social media activity can assist you with getting many brand connections with customers.

Recurrent Purchase Rate

When your shoppers revisit and shop more from your store, it’s evident that you gave them a better and more meaningful customer experience.

Referral Rates

The meaningful customer experience they enjoyed translates into happy referrals. Satisfied customers not only amplify the referral rates but also escalate customer acquisition as a result.

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Increasing customer engagement in WooCommerce is essential these days. Also, every eCommerce store owner has various customer engagement strategies and ideas to imply at their store. To be different from other eCommerce stores, ensure your WooCommerce customer engagement tactics are unique.

Ensure you address the right people at the right time with the right engagement techniques. Don’t forget to give your customers a great experience with your WooCommerce customer engagement strategies and nurture revenue generation and sales profit.

What are the four steps which will help you engage with customers?

The steps that help you increase customer engagement are,
1. Personalization of rewards,
2. Asking for feedback from your customers,
3. Addressing your customer query rapidly, and
4. Getting customers involved with your brand.

What is the key factor that drives customer engagement?

The key factors that drive customer engagement are listening to your customers, providing quality products and services, and providing rewards your customers expect.

What are the three pillars of customer engagement?

Exercise the best customer engagement by focusing on the three important brand-building stages—customer acquisition, customer experience, and customer retention.

How do you engage with your customers?

One of the significant ways to engage with customers is by asking for feedback. You must ask for feedback from your customers and monitor those feedback consciously. It would be best if you always were the first to approach them, don’t expect them to come to you. An engaged customer is likely to purchase more from your store.

What are the ways to increase customer engagement?

To create great customer experiences and make your brand meaningful and relatable, you must focus more on retention and capturing your customers’ hearts.

Give an example of customer engagement

Let’s take Uber Eats as an example. We customize their messages with digital experiences recommending to the customers updates about their favorite food or restaurant, depending on the user data. Uber uses message prompts to remind users to interact and ensure their messages resonate with the customers.

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