Introducing Three Powerful Add-ons of WPLoyalty

We’re super excited to announce that WPLoyalty has got three powerful add-ons: Multi Currency, Multi-lingual Compatibility and Discount Rules Integration.

Multi Currency

The WPLoyalty – Multi Currency add-on, offers automated currency conversion, allowing customers to earn and redeem points using their store’s currency. This add-on seamlessly integrates with four widely-used multi-currency plugins for WooCommerce, ensuring smooth compatibility and enhanced functionality.

  1. WOOCS currency switcher by realmag777
  2. Currency Switcher by Villa Theme
  3. Aelia Currency switcher and
  4. WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML


  • Customers can make purchases, and earn loyalty points in their preferred currency.
  • The add-on seamlessly integrates with popular multi-currency plugins for WooCommerce.
  • Save time by just creating one Points for Purchase campaign and let the add-on take care of the currency conversion.
  • By supporting multiple currencies, businesses can expand their customer base and boost international sales.
  • The add-on improves the overall shopping experience by providing customers with the convenience of transacting in their local currency, fostering trust and loyalty.

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Multi-lingual Compatibility

The Multi-lingual Compatibility add-on developed by WPloyalty facilitates the translation of dynamic strings or texts such as the campaign title, description using LocoTranslate or WPML.

With this add-on, you can easily translate various elements such as campaign titles, campaign descriptions, reward titles, reward descriptions, and more, ensuring a seamless multilingual experience for your users.

This means, you do not have to create one campaign per language. You can just create a single campaign and translate its title, description and other dynamic texts using a translation plugin and our compatibility add-on.


  • Simplifies the campaign and reward management in WPLoyalty in multilingual environment.
  • Provides compatibility with the popular translation plugins – WPML and LocoTranslate
  • Adapt your loyalty program to different regions by translating relevant content.
  • Effortlessly translate dynamic strings, saving time.
  • Stand out from competitors by offering a user-friendly, multilingual loyalty experience.

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Discount Rule Integration

WPLoyalty – Discount Rules Integration add-on, allows you integrate the VIP Level system with the popular Discount Rules plugin. You can create a discount rule based on the customer’s levels and let the discounts automatically apply.

Example: 10% discount for any purchase from a Silver members, 20% for gold members.


  • Customers at different levels can now avail a consistent flat discount on all their purchases – an ongoing discount depending on the WPLoyalty devel
  • This fosters loyalty towards your store and sets you apart from competitors.
  • This seamless integration not only enhances customer retention but also simplifies the process of boosting sales and revenue, making it effortless for your business.

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