Generate word of mouth sales with

WooCommerce Referral Program!

Grab the opportunity to attract new customers, increase Word of mouth and retain long-time customers! Minimize customer aquisition expenses with WooCommerce Referral program.

Increased Word-of-Mouth. Greater Returns.

Encourage loyal customers to refer their friends and welcome them with rewards. 

Get Started in a Snap

Get Started with Referrals in a Snap

Quick and easy! Configure and set up your referral program at the time it takes to order a takeout. No needless navigation. No coding required.

It's a Win-Win with Referrals!

Existing customers become brand advocates, and their referrals become customers 

They both get rewarded!

You don’t have to pick a side, offer rewards to both the advocate and the newly-referred customer. Set expiry dates for rewards & notify customers with emails.  

Referral Program
Return the love in more than one way

Return the love in more than one way

Recognize, Reward, and Retain Customers easily with Referrals

Turn existing customers into brand advocates. Reward customers for referring & retain them.

Points and Rewards

Reward customers with loyalty points and coupons for every action they perform in your store.

Flexible Reward Conditions

Create multiple rules and conditions, and offer customers rewards and loyalty points when they meet those conditions.


Rank customers in different loyalty levels based on the points earned by them after purchases. Deliver the best experience based on the levels.


A clean easy-to-manage dashboard helps the customers track their accumulated reward points, and makes the redemption process easier than before.

Increase brand awareness with Referrals

The side effect of a referral program is supercharged brand visibility.