How to Reward Customers for Level Ups Through Achievement Campaign?


How to Reward Customers for Level Ups Through Achievement Campaign

Why do some people buy more from certain shops? It’s often because those shops make them feel special and give them rewards. Achievement campaigns are designed to offer rewards and recognize specific milestones related to a loyalty program.

The more the customers shop, the higher they climb in levels, and each level has its own cool rewards. Shops do this to keep their customers coming back. Let’s understand more about how these programs work and its benefits.

Reward your loyalty customers and maximize their benefits with each new level they reach.

Understanding Achievement Campaign

An Achievement Campaign is like turning shopping into a thrilling mission. It motivates customers to engage more with a store, boosts their loyalty, and encourages them to shop again, leading to increased sales.

What is an Achievement Campaign? 

An achievement campaign is a strategy where customers earn rewards or recognition for completing tasks or reaching goals. It’s like setting up a mission for the company and then creating a roadmap to reach that mission.

The Achievement campaign motivates customers to engage more with the store. By giving rewards for certain actions, boosts their loyalty and encourages them to buy again, leading to increased sales.

Benefits of Setting Up Achievement Campaigns for Businesses

Setting up an achievement campaign is like adding a fun layer to the shopping experience. Here are some key benefits:

Boosts Sales and Profits: Achievement campaigns can encourage customers to buy more or use services frequently. When customers get rewards or recognition for their purchases, they are likely to spend more, leading to increased sales for the business.

Promotes Brand Awareness: Achievement campaigns can be like a fun game that people want to talk about with their friends and family. This word-of-mouth promotion helps more people know about the business, similar to how everyone talks about a popular new movie or video game.

Gathers Valuable Data: When customers participate in these campaigns, businesses can learn about their shopping habits, preferences, and feedback. It’s like getting a cheat sheet for a test! With this information, businesses can make better decisions and offer products or services that customers really want.

Achievement-Driven Level-Up System

Leveling up in an Achievement Campaign is like being in a loyalty program where you get rewards based on the levels. This exciting system encourages customers to shop more, helps businesses learn about customer preferences, and makes shopping even more fun.

What is a Level Up in Achievement Campaigns?

Level Up or Level Update in Achievement Campaign is a reward-based loyalty program. Customers get rewarded according to their tiers or levels. When a customer spends a certain amount and gains points, they move up to a new level and unlock additional benefits and perks.

Customers receive level-up rewards for their purchases, encouraging them to spend more. Incentives offered are in the form of points, discounts, coupons, free shipping, free items, etc., The more a customer spends, the greater the level up rewards they receive.

Why Reward for Level Ups?

Rewarding for Level Ups offers several advantages for businesses and customers: 

  • When customers know there are better rewards at the next level, they want to spend more to get there.
  • Businesses can learn what customers like by seeing how they spend to reach higher levels.
  • Moving up levels and getting rewards can make shopping more exciting for customers.
  • Knowing they’re close to the next level, customers might come back to shop again soon.

Benefits of Rewarding Customers for Level-Ups

Boosts Spending: When a business offers rewards for leveling up, it sets clear goals for customers. Customers, knowing that a reward is just around the corner, are motivated to purchase a little more. This extra spending by many customers can significantly increase the overall sales of a business.

Makes Customers Feel Special: Everyone likes to be appreciated. When customers are rewarded for leveling up, it’s like the business is giving them a pat on the back, acknowledging their support. This appreciation can make customers feel important and recognized. 

Encourages Regular Shopping: Level-up rewards act like little milestones. Just like when you’re reading a book, and you want to get to the next chapter, customers want to reach the next level. This anticipation and excitement can make them shop regularly, always eager to see what the next level holds for them.

Encourages Diversity in Purchases: Having different levels with varied rewards can prompt customers to try out different products or services. If a customer knows they can level up by exploring a new category or product, they might be willing to step out of their comfort zone. It lets customers discover and enjoy a wider range of what the business offers.

WPLoyalty allows you to encourage your customers with rewards for level update in an easy way.

Types of Level-Up Rewards to Offer

Rewards are always exciting. Here are some of the popular level-up rewards you can offer:

Points: Every time customers buy something, they earn points. They can save up these points and use them later to get something for free or at a reduced price.

Percentage Discount: This reward is like a special sale! Let’s say customers get a 10% discount reward. If they buy something that’s $100, they will only have to pay $90.

Fixed Discount: Imagine customers have a coupon that says “$5 off.” No matter what they buy, they can reduce the total price by that fixed amount, say $5.

Free Shipping: Nobody likes paying extra for shipping, right? This reward type lets customers get the items delivered to the doorstep without any shipping cost. 

Free Product: This is like a surprise gift! After reaching a certain level, you can give customers a product for free.

How to Reward Customers for Level Ups Through Achievement Campaign?

An achievement campaign is an excellent way to reward customers once they move up a Level. For example, from Silver to Gold. Now let us look at how to reward customers for level-up through an achievement campaign with a user-friendly Plugin like WPLoyalty.

Note: WPLoyalty provides rewards like points, percentage discount coupons, fixed discount coupons, free shipping, and free product for leveling up. 

You can choose any of the reward types. But, in this guide, let’s create an example for rewarding customers with a percentage discount coupon of 10% for level-up through an achievement campaign.

In this example, the customer will get a 10% discount reward when they move up a level. 

For example, when a customer moves from the Silver Level to the Gold Level by collecting points from various activities, he/she will get a 10% discount right when they hit the Gold Level.

Step 1: Install WPLoyalty

The initial step is to download the WPLoyalty plugin. Once downloaded, please ensure you have installed and activated the WPLoyalty plugin.

A step-by-step guide for both installing and activating the WPLoyalty plugin can be found in the documentation.

Step 2: Create Levels

Once the installation is done, Go to WordPress Dashboard -> WPLoyalty -> Levels ->Create New Level.

You can enter the level name and can set the minimum and maximum points to be earned to reach the level. Then save and close it.

For example, let us create two levels: Silver and Gold. Those who earn 1 to 500 points belong to Silver, and those who earn 501 to 1000 belong to Gold.

Creating levels in WPLoyalty

Step 3: Create Rewards

After creating levels, let us now create a reward of a 10% discount. It means when the customer moves up from the Silver level and once achieves the Gold level, a 10% discount coupon will be offered.

To create a reward, Go to WordPress Dashboard -> WPLoyalty ->Rewards -> Create New Reward -> Percentage Discount.

Then, fill in the details.

Creating Rewards in WPLoyalty

Step 4: Create an Achievement Campaign for Level Update

Once the reward is created, set up the achievement campaign. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> WPLoyalty -> Campaigns -> Create New Campaign ->Achievement.

Then, fill in the details. 

Creating achievement campaign for level up in WPLoyalty

Step 5: Customer’s Page

Once all set, customers will earn a 10% instant discount coupon as a reward for achieving the Gold level.

Below is the customer reward page, showing the customer is in the silver level and needs 400 points to move to the Gold level. Customers can also view the earning opportunities and rewards in the launcher widget at the bottom right corner.

Customer reward page in WPLoyalty

Below is the same customer’s reward page, showing the 10% instant discount reward as soon as he moves up to the Gold Level

Loyalty reward page in WPLoyalty

Create the level up rewards for your store and build customer loyalty easily.

Wrapping Up

So, why should shops give rewards to their customers? It’s simple! When we shop and get little gifts or points, we feel happy and want to shop more. Think about playing a video game; the more you play and the more levels you pass, the more rewards you get. Shops are doing something similar with their ‘Achievement Campaigns.’

Using tools like WPLoyalty, shops can easily set up these reward systems. This means that the more customers shop, the more points or rewards they get. 

With clear goals, structured levels, enticing rewards, and easy-to-use plugins, the journey of reward becomes the right path for businesses.

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What are the best rewards for loyalty program level ups?

The best rewards are those that make your customers feel special and appreciated. Here are a few ideas:
1. Discounts: Offer a percentage off their next purchase.
2. Exclusive items: Give them access to products or services others can’t get.
3. Points: Add bonus points to their loyalty account, which they can use later.
4. Free shipping: Offer free shipping for level updates.

How do I create a successful achievement campaign for my loyalty program?

Creating a successful achievement campaign involves making goals and rewards clear and exciting. Firstly, Identify your goals. Then, tailor rewards to customer preferences. Communicate clearly about achievements. Make leveling up attainable but challenging. Regularly update and refresh your campaign.

How can I track the effectiveness of my achievement campaign?

To see if your campaign is working, keep an eye on these things:
1. Participation: How many customers are taking part?
2. Sales: Have your sales gone up since starting the campaign?
3. Feedback: Ask your customers what they think. Are they enjoying it?
4. Loyalty points: Are people earning and using their points?
5. Repeat visits: Are customers coming back more often?

What are some common mistakes to avoid when rewarding customers for level ups? 

Avoiding complex rules, setting unattainable goals, offering low-value rewards, or failing to communicate benefits can diminish the appeal of your program. These are the common mistakes to avoid when rewarding customers for level ups.

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