Best ways to acquire more customers for your eCommerce store

Best ways to acquire more customers for your eCommerce store

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Gaining new customers is the objective of each business. However, attracting potential prospects and converting them into customers isn’t possible in a count of 3.

To make it easy, you need to have a robust customer acquisition technique.

But the problem is, a channel that works well for other businesses might not be the right fit for you. So, you need to keep trying and use the right strategy to acquire new customers.

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We will uncover the best ways to acquire customers with minimal costs, and techniques to improve the acquisition strategies.

What is a Customer Acquisition Strategy?

In simple words, a customer acquisition technique is a procedure to bring in new customers to your store. The objective is to build a satisfied customer base and also to make your customers stay with your brand.

From online newsletters and Facebook advertisements to radio, TV, and billboard advertisements, there are several different ways to promote your business and acquire new customers.

So, come let’s discuss the best acquisition strategies that you can leverage for your brand.

Best Customer Acquisition Strategies

Determine Your Designated Audience

The first important step is to recognize the right audience or potential crowd for your organization. Odds are that your product is the ideal answer for any issue a specific segment of buyers is confronting. It’s just a matter of finding who they are and centering your customer acquisition endeavors, basically, on them.

Target Audience

If you are not aware of who your target audiences are, then you are restricting yourself from promoting your brand effectively. Except if your brand offerings meet a common need, you are in an ideal situation to identify a target market for yourself.

For instance, let us assume that your brand sells woman’s fashion clothing. Your interest group maybe twenty to thirty-year-old females and Gen Zers.

Then that’s your target audience and you must focus your marketing tactics on them. Figure out where these audiences hang out. Is it social media? Then advertise your products in those channels to grab their attention and bring them to your store.

You cannot achieve eCommerce success without figuring out your target audience. So, make sure you don’t skip this step.

Use a Suitable Acquisition Channel

Extending upon what we examined above, simply knowing your ideal set of audience is not sufficient. It’s similarly vital to know the right channel to use to acquire the target prospects.

Presently, various systems can help you in this process.

Firstly, put forth clear objectives for yourself as well as your mission. Having rough objectives will also assist you with understanding whether your strategies are working. After you have tried various channels, you will actually want to contrast individual performances with one another.

Once you are done with the tests, choose the channel that fits the best for you and move forward with the marketing strategy.

Keep a Loyalty Program in Place

Loyalty Program

A Customer Loyalty program is an award based marketing technique intending to:

  • Retain existing customers & increase Word of mouth
  • Improve brand loyalty and engagement
  • Push people further down the sales funnel

Setting up a loyalty program in your store helps you create a bond with your customers.

Loyalty programs provide prizes, offers, and other unique motivators as a method for nurturing customer loyalty and increasing WOM to acquire new shoppers.

Types of Rewards

Reward them for purchasing, signing up, leaving reviews, and social sharing. Give them a solid shopping experience with a significant collection of rewards.

Following are the few types of rewards you can offer using WPLoyalty

  • Points
  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed discount
  • Free shipping
  • Free product

Loyalty programs benefit organizations by creating consumer loyalty as well as by giving essential data on how they are spending and what items or kinds of offers are generally engaging.

Execute a Referral Program

Referral programs usually work well when it comes to tracking down new customers. Particularly, when you are a budding organization. You can offer current shoppers motivations like additional elements or offers to boost them to refer your brand or product to other people.

Referral Program

You can likewise provide these new shoppers with equivalent offers to give them an additional push to buy your products.

How will you set up your referral program?

WPLoyalty is not just a loyalty plugin, you can run a Referral program using it too. This simple to-use plugin allows you to run a referral program for your brand and can assist you with keeping tabs on its development easily.

You can provide your customers with unique referral links, offers, social share buttons, rewards with expiry dates, and everything utilizing this plugin.

Organize Giveaways

Always, customers need something beyond words or vow to buy your service and products. A section of the steady purchasers will not be influenced by word-of-mouth or influencer advertising.


To convert these buyers into loyal ones, you need to consider doing giveaways. Offering them an opportunity to uncover your products, is an extraordinary method for giving them that additional push they need to think about you as a choice.

The simplest method for carrying out such consumer acquisition methodologies is to run giveaway drives via social media.

Conduct Deals and Promotions

Individuals love offers that help them save cash and feel like they’re gaining access to something unique and limited. A few ideas for providing offers and promotions include:

  • Conduct coupon promotions on your social media profiles
  • Have an email campaign & send coupons for future purchases
  • Tossing in low-stock products or ones that are generally not provided as gifts on orders over a specific amount
  • Promote products via shopping or advertising platforms

A good promotional campaign motivates the user to share your content. Thus you can easily reach more audiences as well as increase brand awareness.

People show more interest when their loved ones share the offer with them. Since it’s approaching from somebody they know and trust, rather than an advertisement from a new brand. It makes them bound to redeem the offer and keep sharing it with others.

Just like that, you can also promote your eCommerce products on multiple advertising platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing Ads, Pinterest, etc. Simply upload your products by using a WooCommerce product feed plugin and start the ad campaign.

As long as you provide high-quality products with promotional coupons or discounts, people will definitely purchase those. It will not only boost your revenue but also help to build a loyal customer base.

Periodically Provide High-Quality Content offers

Content promotion is effectively one of the best evergreen client acquisition techniques. Getting purchasers to believe your brand is a huge challenge and content promotion assists you with winning over that challenge.

Digital books, guides, and different kinds of content offer a diverse kind of content promotion because they generally include making more depth and valuable content.

For instance, you can take a portion of the content from your whitepaper and publish them as a separate blog post. This way, you can build a collection of valuable resources and focus on building SEO ranking for your keywords. As blogs assist with driving traffic to your website, you can convert them into leads easily with content upgrades.

That is the reason these sorts of content offers are additionally gated, implying that perusers should exchange their details like email addresses and names to get to the content. Content offers are a significant piece of customer acquisition and the conversion channel. And can assist you with getting more leads out of your blog and content advertising procedure.

Buyers stay informed nowadays. By engaging your potential customers to settle on informed purchasing choices, you will acquire their trust and probably convert them. Making significant, enlightening, astute, and engaging content will, eventually, assist with driving your customer acquisition.

Work on Your SEO

Once you have gained your online presence by delivering savvy content, you want to focus on SEO. This will assist with optimizing the rankings of the content on the search engines. Consequently, making your content more available and approachable to your potential audience.

Further developing search rankings and your brand’s perceivability has a ton to do with the initial phase of the customer acquisition funnel. A few of the more fundamental SEO strategies incorporate utilizing industry-relevant keywords, backlinks from authority sites, and so on.

Delivering prospects with a fantastic mobile experience can end up being a stunt in converting purchasers, particularly for social media platforms.

Create Optimized Landing Pages

Among the many customer acquisition techniques, improving your landing pages is one of the best moves. These pages assist with guiding shoppers to your products or services. A compelling landing page doesn’t simply showcase important data. It additionally incorporates a convincing call to action that works with conversions.

Running A/B test can definitely assist you with enhancing your landing pages and further developing them. It returns to knowing what your shoppers anticipate from you. You should have the option to envision their requirements and then follow through on those.

Improve Website and Email Engagement

While this might be an old method, it is still one of the best customer acquisition strategies. Improving your website increases the user experience of your audience, advertising your content, offers, and product data. It’s likewise the least demanding way you can establish a connection and gain new shoppers.

email engagement

Another incredible approach is to run email marketing to send personalized messages to individuals. Depending upon the phase of the customer acquisition process they are in. People in the initial two phases are most likely qualified for content that could start that customer engagement.

How about the people in the other stages?

People who have your brand in their thought process would be more intrigued by your product information emails. This empowers them to settle on a more knowledgeable purchasing decision. You can entice people in their last stages into making a purchase with a special email that provides them with an offer.

Influence Your Target Audience by Utilizing Video Content

Individuals will generally be more inclined to visuals. Videos are perhaps the most effective way to enlighten potential customers about your brand and your products. You should attempt to strike a decent balance among enlightening and fascinating videos. Utilize the influencers to make such videos, share via social media, and on your business website.

Animated explainer videos and customer testimonials are a great approach to this. In addition to the fact that they are engaging the viewers, they also enlighten them with the knowledge they need to settle on that purchase choice.

Practices to Enhance the Customer Acquisition Strategies of your Brand

Each business needs new customers to develop and succeed. So whether you’re an organization of ten or 10,000, having a guide for customer acquisition is a brilliant move.

A strong customer acquisition technique should be centered around the following things: feasible, adaptable, focused on, and diversified.

Determine Your Designated Market

All shoppers aren’t your best buyers, and if you are not focusing on the right set of individuals/market, you might lose valuable sales. Before you put resources into any customer procurement strategies, you should characterize who you are focusing on the said techniques.

Characterizing your purchaser persona can help get rid of any pointless or blown acquiring endeavors. For instance, organizations focusing on millennials should think about making videos as a part of their content-promotion system. Considering that 77% of your target crowd of age 15-25 use YouTube.

A designated customer securing methodology requires taking a step back and sorting out what is best for your business, assets, and crowd. Then, you can hope to see genuine reactions to your customer acquisition endeavors.

Build a Sustainable Strategy

A customer acquisition technique works over a long time. This implies that the investments you make (be it cash, time, or manpower) can be upheld for future returns.

For instance, let us assume you intend to procure new clients through a blog. Then, you must have the tools and resources set up. This will guarantee that content creation lives beyond a couple of posts – successfully acquiring natural traffic for months or years. Due to which inbound marketing seems powerful – it makes sustainable traffic and a feasible source of new customers.

Follow a Diversified Approach

Have you ever known about cross-pollination? It is when honey bees spread pollen between various plants, achieving varieties of species that better endure time and nature. Advertisers can be referred to as these voyaged honey bees.

When you diversify your acquiring technique and utilize different techniques, you have a more prominent possibility of contacting new crowds and producing new leads.

Likewise, broadening your acquisition technique makes a harmony between hazard and award. Meaning one channel starts to bomb it is simpler to redistribute assets for a new, better-performing strategy.

Provide Flexibility

Your acquisition techniques should likewise be adaptable. As marketing, deals, and the manner people react to them are continuously evolving. While sales reps were once the gatekeepers of data about a product. That is not true anymore.

Shoppers are progressively wary of brand claims and anything said about a product by the organization or its reps. They trust the guidance of loved ones over organizations. Making a customer acquisition system that mainly depends on salesmen would place your organization in a difficult situation. Keep your system flexible, and you’ll be prepared all the time to answer market patterns.

Customer Acquisition Cost

The expense incurred to get new shoppers for your brand is known as customer acquisition cost (CAC). For example, assuming you make an expense of $2,000 on a promotion drive that collects 100 new shoppers, your customer acquisition cost is $20 ($2,000 divided by 100).

The basic calculation gets significantly more complicated once you factor in the different costs it took to get that mission going. From the exact expense of the advertisements to paying the organization or advertising team dealing with it for you.

Considering this model, suppose the campaign brings about deals with an average of $30 per new client. That implies your benefit is $10 per deal, which is extraordinary assuming your CAC is just $20. Overhead expenses could wind up diminishing that benefit or negating it totally. This will take a few trials to track down the best customer acquisition technique.

The sole objective is to get more profit than what it took to gain every shopper. So do your analysis to arrive at the savviest strategy.

What If You Can Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost?

A basic truth about promotion is that you can constantly improve. You can constantly approach a new set of audiences, market with better messages, and reduce related costs.

There’s continuously something to learn and continuously something to develop. Assuming you are hoping to work on your CAC, the following are a couple of ways of reducing the expense of acquiring new customers:

Focus on your website conversion endeavors

Improve your calls-to-action, make sure your site is mobile and tablet responsive, enhance your landing pages, and work on your copywriting. Think about A/B testing your website’s main page or shopping cart to check whether a specific plan or copywriting works well. These will ensure any customer acquisition strategies you are utilizing are serving as expected.

Increase the value of your existing customers

This might include launching a brand new product or upgrade wherein your customers can put resources into. The customer value can likewise increase when they refer to different customers or essentially go about as advertisers for your business.

Modify and upgrade your customer acquisition technique

Invest in some opportunity to format your acquisition outline and see what every strategy is costing you. Find where can you scale down additional promotion costs or labour. Costs for explicit channels can climb after some time, and you can continuously limit CAC by finding more up-to-date, less expensive channels to put resources into. This cycle additionally guarantees your techniques mirror the latest promotion patterns and stay agile.

Ways to Retain Your Customers

The customer retention methodologies you set in action will change because of your plan of action, crowd, assets, and so on.

Despite how you intend to retain your clients, there’s one common factor: giving an astounding customer experience.

You can engage your crowd to promote your business and assist you with getting a good deal on other acquisition strategies.

Ask for Customer Stories

Be it through case studies, interviews, surveys, or user-produced content, request your customers to share their own stories of how they came to find your brand and why they value it. Rather than bragging about your own organization through paid promotion or social media, hand it over to the customers and let them do it for you.

Encourage Referrals


Making a referral program is a reliable method for acquiring new business through your shoppers. When you consider a customer referral is important for your business, you should give them something similarly significant.

Offering motivators- in the form of store credit, freebies, or cash backs – is typically the most effective way to stimulate a shopper to share information about your organization (and repay them consequently).

So whichever referral methodology you pick, make certain to offer some incentive first and pose inquiries later. Convince your clients to need to refer to you – because they’re so happy with your business, they can’t resist the urge to share.

Include Easily Shareable Content

A cheerful content can convey the idea. Couldn’t it be better when your customers are allowed to directly share content you have made, similar to social posts, blog posts, or designs?

This is how a viral loop is created. It happens when your shoppers share the content that drives their followers back to your business. So your shoppers can undoubtedly share social posts and guarantee each piece of distributed content has choices to share through email or social media. The more beneficial the promotion is for your shoppers, the more probable they will engage with your brand.

Last words

Customer acquisition is not an easy joke. You really want a sound system set up to persuade customers to make a buy. Consider every one of the sites you visited yesterday. Did you purchase something from every one of them? even from one of them?

Understanding customer acquiring methodology can assist you with building a more steady business. Determine a customer procurement plan, gauge your customer acquisition cost, characterize your ideal interest group, and begin building landing pages. So you can streamline them.

Remember to test. A/B tests assist you with refining your methodology further.

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