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Repeat purchases from existing customers account for at least 60% of the sales in any eCommerce store. A WooCommerce Rewards program can help retain customers by rewarding their loyalty. Make your eCommerce store more profitable by running a customer reward program.

WooCommerce rewards plugin helps you offer points to customers, which can be redeemed as coupons. Make your customers feel valued by offering points and rewards for their loyalty. Offering personalized rewards will increase customer engagement and loyalty. If you haven’t launched a loyalty reward program yet, you’re missing out on a huge sales-boosting opportunity, so get started immediately.

Wondering how to reward customers in your WooCommerce store?

This blog will show you how to create a rewards program using WPLoyalty and offer rewards to customers for their loyalty. So, proceed further to learn more.

What is a Customer Reward Program?

Customer rewards program is a points/reward based campaign run by eCommerce stores to offer exclusive loyalty rewards to customers for performing various actions in the store. eCommerce stores use rewards programs as a strategy to increase customer engagement and retain them.

Choosing and activating the right WooCommerce rewards plugin is all that is needed to be successful. Effective WooCommerce loyalty programs create excitement and add value to customers. Giving reward points is one important way to run an eCommerce store.

Example: When customers spend more than a certain amount, they might earn points. For different products, you may also add other points. Then, these points can be exchanged for coupons. For instance, 50 points can be redeemed for a free gift or a ten percent discount on your next purchase.

So, you have to give them rewards and points. This will boost your sales and build a stronger bond. Building an optimistic bond means taking your business to the next level.

Benefits of Creating a Reward Program in WooCommerce

WooCommerce reward points are a kind of strategy eCommerce stores use to get people to return to their store often. Customers who are offered rewards may feel they are getting a good deal, encouraging them to support your company again. You can lower the costs of acquiring new consumers when your company concentrates on developing the best loyalty rewards program.

WooCommerce rewards plugins work amazingly because they make your customers feel special and recognized, leading to retention, more referrals, and profits. Let’s look into some interesting benefits these reward plugins bring you. They help in

  • Customer retention
  • Revenue Boost
  • Building stronger customer relationships
  • Differentiating a brand from its competitors
  • Encouraging word-of-mouth marketing
  • Improving Customer Appreciation
  • Driving customer satisfaction

Also, few statistics prove that giving away rewards programs is very effective for an eCommerce store. Creating a WooCommerce reward helps build a more customer-engaging experience. 75% of people buy products based on their experience. eCommerce stores with better WooCommerce rewards programs have grown revenues 2.5times faster than their competitors. According to Accenture, more than 90 percent of the companies have created a loyalty program.

Different Types of Reward Campaigns

The only rewards programs worth investing in are those that foster a sense of emotional connection. Give an ample way to your customers to earn points and redeem them. A well-run loyalty program demonstrates your concern for your customers, broadens and strengthens your relationship with them, and encourages sustained loyalty and support.

Customers participating in your loyalty program positively perceive your brand, which eventually increases their level of trust in your company. This section will further enhance you with different types of campaigns available in WPLoyalty. With these ways, you could reward your customers in a WooCommerce rewards program, and there are the best ways to acquire more customers to your store.

  • Points for purchase – Reward them with points when they make a purchase. E.g., Spend $200 and get 20 loyalty points along with free shipping. This strategy will make them purchase more of your product.
  • Rewards for more orders – Reward them based on the number of orders they make, which will create constant growth for your company.
  • The reward for spending – When a customer spends more than a limit, you can reward them with points.
  • Review reward – Make them write a review about your product to earn loyalty points. It’s a win-win situation here; you will know about your product when you receive a review.
  • Referral – Give loyalty points once they refer your store to a friend or family. This will get you a new customer and retain an old one.
  • Sharing on social media – Your site’s overall activity and traffic will increase in social networking. Additionally, you can promote your products on social media. So, give away points to your customers when they share your product.
  • Birthdays – Reward customers on their special day as a token of love. Customers will remember this gesture from you, and it will also enlighten their day.
  • Sign up – Reward customers with loyalty points once they sign up for your store. You may gain new users’ trust by rewarding them with a welcome bonus, and you can also encourage users to make repeated purchases.

Choose Your Reward Type

Creating a reward program will bring in more visitors, and those visitors are your growth. So, make sure you recognize and appreciate the existence of your customers as your customers are your brand ambassador who will promote your company further. Here are a few inexpensive ways to help you choose a reward type.

  • Points Conversion
  • Fixed Discount
  • Percentage discount
  • Free product
  • Free shipping

VIP Program/Levels

VIP Program/Levels are for the customers who reach your points limit. This program will encourage every customer to earn points and become a VIP. You can set the VIP levels as per your preference. Example: 1000 points to 2000 points will be in the first level, 20001 points to 3000 will be in the second level, and so on. Or you can also name the levels silver, bronze, gold, and platinum.

This WooCommerce rewards point will encourage and excite customers to move forward to the next levels. This is also a symbol of loyalty customers show towards your store.

How to Reward Customers in WooCommerce?

With the WPLoyalty plugin, you can easily reward your customers for every action they make at your store. Like, signup, making a purchase, referral, and so on. All you have to do is buy and install the WPLoyalty plugin.

Installation of WooCommerce reward plugin

Let me guide you by assuming you have already purchased and installed the WPLoyalty plugin from our site and downloaded the WPLoyalty plugin zip file. Now, follow the steps given below to install and activate the WooCommerce reward plugin.

Step 1: Visit your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin

add plugins

Step 2: Now click on the choose file -> Insert the WPLoyalty zip file -> Install now.

upload plugins

Step 3: Click on the activate button. Finally, you can see the WPLoyalty plugin on your left sidebar.

How to Create a Reward in WPLoyalty?

The WPLoyalty plugin is installed and ready to use. Now, follow the instructions further to know how to create a reward in WPLoyalty.

Setup and Configuration

Go to WPLoyalty -> Click on settings -> First, you have to Configure and Set General settings and Display messages.

setup and configuration

General Settings

Here are some general settings you must set up and configure related to rewards and points. Let me guide you through all the steps.

general settings

Rounding Mode for points earned – For example, if a customer has spent 5.50 points on a product, you can round up or to the nearest integer that would make 6 points. If you want to round down, 5.50 will be round to 5 points.

rounding modes for points earned

Success order status – You can reward the customers when they make a successful purchase. For instance, choose the status as processing or completed or on hold as you prefer.

Unsuccessful order status – When a customer cancels their purchase, or there is a failure in making a purchase, the points and rewards will be cancelled/removed.

unsuccessful order status

Label for the points – You can choose to give a plural point like, 20 points for purchasing a product or singular points, like earning 1 point for every purchase, according to your preferences.

Also, you can give different names for the points, like beans or bits. For example, If you choose beans as a name, the customer will see points like Earn 20 beans for purchasing a product.

Prefix – You can give 3-letter prefixes to use for reward coupons and as a referral code. The text here will be used as a prefix when generating a unique referral code for the customer.


Create a customer record – This field automatically creates customer records in WPLoyalty when they sign in to your store. For example, When you select “sign in, ” your existing customers will automatically be added to the WPLoyalty customer section.

Create a coupon instantly – If you choose ‘yes’, the customers will instantly earn a coupon. Set this to ‘no, if you want to issue the coupon at the time of redeeming.

Force “individual use only” for coupons – It is found helpful if you would like to prevent customers from using other coupons in conjunction with the WPLoyalty reward coupons.

Display Messages

These display messages include Products, Cart, Checkout, Thank You Page and Branding.


display images

Products – This field is used to choose where to show the earned points message on the product page. For example, It can be positioned before or after product price, before or after add to cart, and Before or after product title.



Note: If you click the “Visible” icon on your right, the ‘cart page earn message’ will be enabled and displayed to your customers. If you disable it, then the message will be hidden.

Earn Message(optional) – This text ( as shown in the picture) will be displayed in the Cart when points are earned. Shortcodes: {wlr_cart_points}, {wlr_points_label}, {wlr_cart_rewards}. You can choose where to show the earned points message on the cart page – before or after cart items. This field is optional.

Redeem Message(optional) – This text( as shown in the picture) will be displayed on the Cart page when points are available for Redemption. Shortcodes: {wlr_redeem_cart_points}, {wlr_points_label}, {wlr_reward_link}. You can choose where to show the earned points message on the cart page – before or after cart items. This field is optional.



Note: If you click the “Visible” icon on your right, the ‘checkout page earn message’ will be enabled and displayed to your customers. If you disable it, then the message will be hidden.

Earn Message – This text (as shown in the picture ) will be displayed in Checkout when points are earned. Shortcodes: {wlr_cart_points}, {wlr_points_label}, {wlr_cart_rewards}

Redeem Message – This text will be displayed on the Checkout page when points are available for Redemption. Shortcodes: {wlr_redeem_cart_points}, {wlr_points_label}, {wlr_reward_link}

Thank you Page

thank you page

Note: If you click the “Visible” icon on your right, the ‘Thank You page message’ will be enabled and displayed to your customers. If you disable it, then the message will be hidden.

Message on Thank You Page – This text ( as shown in the picture) will be displayed on the thank you / order received page when points are earned. Shortcodes: {wlr_earned_points}, {wlr_total_points}, {wlr_points_label}, {wlr_earned_rewards}.

Thank you message display position – You can choose where to place the message on the thank you page. For example, It can either be on top of the thank you message or after the order details.



Earn message and Redeem message – You can choose your site’s border color, Text color, and background color. You can also upload an optional message image.

Redeem message

Note: Once all your preferences are set, click on save changes to save it.

Choose Your Reward Type:

Click on the rewards -> Create a new reward.

choose your reward type

Now, you have to choose the reward type. Let’s look at how Point Conversion works.

point conversion

Points Conversion

At this point, your customers would have earned many points for buying your product. Now, you have to show them how a WooCommerce rewards plugin works and help them redeem the points they have made.

Let’s see how to configure the reward. This will be the page for points conversion.

point conversion page
  • Reward Title – You can give a title for your reward.
  • Reward description – You can add a description for the reward. Example: Redeem 500 points for $5 dollars, and this description will be used on the Customers Reward page.
  • Redeem points and Value of the discount: Enter the number of points and the value they get in your store. Example: 500 points for spending $5.
  • Display Name: Specify a display name for the award when applied as a discount at the checkout or cart.
  • Minimum and Maximum points – You can enter the minimum and maximum points a customer can redeem per coupon; this field is optional.
  • Coupon Expiry: You can set an expiry for your coupon, which can be either in days, months or unlimited.

Conditional rules (optional)

Certain conditional rules exist in point conversion; this is an optional field, and you can add conditions per your preference.

conditional rules

Once you enter all the details, click on save and close. Then you can enable/disable the point conversion reward whenever you need. Yes! You are all set to use the WooCommerce rewards plugin. You need not waste your energy every time choosing the reward. Since it is automated, you can set the preference once and sit back while the WPloyalty plugin does the rest for you.

Wrap up

An eCommerce store aiming to establish its group of loyal customers can gain huge value from WooCommerce loyalty programs. These initiatives assist companies in enhancing customer satisfaction and retention while reducing additional advertising costs. Starting a WooCommerce reward program and keeping it going over time will help keep your current consumers happy.

As you think about growing your eCommerce store to the next stage, ensure to make your customers happy, as they are the main reason for your growth. Remember, rewards, points, and coupons are a way to optimize their happiness.

With the help of the WPLoyalty plugin, You’ll be well on your way to the successful growth of your eCommerce store.

Go for it! Start rewarding your loyal customers and increase your sales.

How do you set up a reward system for customers?

You have to set your preference, find how customers will earn points, and reward customers for every action, like signing up, purchasing, referrals, reviewing, etc. Make sure you select a proper way to reward the customer. Start motivating your customers to earn points and choose a perfect plugin for your eCommerce store.

How can customers use the earned points?

Customers can redeem their points once they reach the limit you have provided on your site. They can apply the points earned on the checkout/cart page and get a discount for their products.

How to start a WooCommerce rewards program?

Getting started with the WooCommerce rewards program is simple and easy. All you need is the best plugin like WPLoyalty to get created with. Buy the plugin, download it, install and follow the steps to activate it.

Are WooCommerce loyalty programs effective?

Great! Reward systems are quite effective for your eCommerce store. There is a good probability that such action will retain customers, boost sales, and generate revenues. Rewards programs are undoubtedly worth trying.

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