How to Set Up a VIP Loyalty Program in WooCommerce?


set up a vip loyalty program

Every customer is special but what about the customers who spend more than others at your store? Do they want to receive extra special treatment? It’s time to add them to the very important customers list and grade them as your VIPs. Set up a successful VIP program at your store and surprise them with more exclusive rewards.

Using the WPLoyalty plugin, you can create tiered loyalty programs and increase customer loyalty toward your brand. Not only that, you can track who shops more at your store and who are your best customers. Through value-based loyalty programs, you can reward your best customers better.

Here we are to help you learn how to set up a successful VIP program for your store through the WPLoyalty plugin. Read more.

Use WPLoyalty to set up a WooCommerce VIP Loyalty Program and quickly reward your VIP customers

What is WooCommerce VIP Loyalty Program?

WooCommerce VIP Loyalty program is one of the effective ways to reward your VIP customers who have a high level of loyalty and spend a significant amount of money buying your products and services . You can reward your VIP customers for their loyalty towards your store and for making more purchases than any other customer.

WooCommerce VIP Loyalty program offers exclusive benefits to customers who have reached VIP Levels (For Eg, Silver, Gold, or Platinum), such as discounts, free shipping, early access to new products, and other perks.

WooCommerce provides various loyalty plugins to create and set up WooCommerce VIP loyalty programs. WPLoyalty is the best plugin for WooCommerce that can be customized to set up VIP loyalty programs for your eCommerce store.

How to identify your VIP Customers in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce VIP customers are those who love your brand and return to your store more often. There may be so many customers who visit your store once and then disappear. But VIP customers are those who trust your brand, make repeated purchases, and also help you generate more revenue.

There are two methods to recognize your VIP customers on WooCommerce – one is based on the points they have earned, while the other is determined by the amount of money they have spent at your store.

As an example, a customer who has accrued over 5000 points can be designated as a VIP customer for your business. Alternatively, a customer who has spent over $1000 at your store can also be your VIP customer.

What do you offer to WooCommerce VIP customers?

Double points: Every customer earns points and uses them to redeem them as a reward. So, offer VIP customers double points that only VIP customers get to enjoy. For example, a Normal customer earns 1 point for every $1 spent, and VIP customers earn 2 points for every $1 spent.

Offers/discounts: Provide offers to particular products that VIP customers can only use like 50% Off and free shipping only to VIP Subscribers.

This way, you can encourage your other customers to participate in your tier-based loyalty program. So, they purchase more, which helps you generate more revenue.

How to Set Up a WooCommerce VIP Loyalty Program?

Setting up a VIP Loyalty Program in WooCommerce is easy, but only with proper research and appropriate strategy can you make the perfect VIP rewards program for your store. Let me guide you on how to create one.

Set Reachable Goals

Your VIP customers are one step ahead of other customers. So you can increase the point limit for those customers. As an example, if you set a point redemption value of 200 points for regular customers, you could set a point value of 250 for VIP members to redeem their points for a coupon. This way, VIP members feel special, earn more points, and spend more money.

In another instance, tell your customers to spend 300$ to be a VIP member or earn 5000 points to become a VIP member. Show them it’s easy and simple to be a part of your tiered loyalty programs. Surprise them with the rewards and perks they receive if they become a VIP member.

Make the Top-tier Special

VIP Loyalty members always wanted to feel unique and special. To make them unique, differentiate them with different rewards. There are specific ways to determine your VIP rewards program member.

For instance, say your tiered loyalty program level has three tiers, silver, gold, and platinum. Allow 60% of the customers to reach the silver level. At the same time, gold allows only 30% of the customers. Make the platinum level even more exclusive that only 8% of the customers are in it. This way, customers in platinum feel unique and special that they have reached the difficult level along with only a few customers.

Benefits of WooCommerce VIP Loyalty Program

benefits of woocommerce loyalty program

Setting up a WooCommerce VIP Loyalty program offers various benefits to your eCommerce store. Let me list out a few benefits through which you can give a kickstart.

Increase in Revenue

When top customers agree to be part of your tiered loyalty program, they agree to your upselling. You can easily upsell products to your VIP members, and they also increase the average order sale. So, your customers automatically purchase more than others—an increase in sales means revenue growth.

Increase in Customer Engagement

VIP customers are repeat customers at your store; you get to know them and understand when to engage them. Understand what encourages your VIP customers to participate in this tier-based loyalty program. You can also invite other customers by quoting the benefits enjoyed by other loyal customers who are part of this WooCommerce VIP Loyalty program.

To encourage your customers to be a part of the VIP loyalty program more, give them a valid reason and create multiple chances to unlock exclusive rewards. Know their favorite products, and send them rewards according to their preference.

Customer Retention

WooCommerce VIP loyalty programs can help retain customers by offering incentives to continue purchasing from your store. It can lead to increased customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn.

Increase in Sales

Incentivizing customers to purchase more frequently, a VIP loyalty program can help increase business sales.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Offering rewards and other perks to VIP members can improve overall customer satisfaction and provide a better shopping experience.

Data Collection

WooCommerce VIP loyalty programs will give you valuable data on customer behavior, such as purchase frequency, selecting products, and spending habits. This data can be used to improve sales and marketing strategies.

Competitive Advantage

Offering a WooCommerce VIP loyalty program can also provide a competitive advantage for your store, as it can differentiate the brand from competitors and attract more customers.

Overall, a WooCommerce VIP loyalty program can effectively increase customer loyalty, drive sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Launch WPLoyalty, set up a VIP Loyalty program, increase customer loyalty & drive sales easily.

How to Set Up a VIP Loyalty Program in WooCommerce?

The easiest way to set up a VIP loyalty program in WooCommerce is by using the WPLoyalty – WooCommerce points and rewards plugin and creating levels/tiers. WPloyalty is one of the best WooCommerce plugins in the market.

Step 1: Install WPLoyalty

The WPloyalty plugin allows you to start VIP loyalty programs by creating different levels for your customer.

Setting up a VIP loyalty program is easy and simple if you have already purchased our plugin. If not, please get the WPLoyalty plugin before proceeding and install and activate it.

Step 2: Create Levels/Tiers for VIP Customers

Now let’s look into how to create levels/tiers for your VIP customers with an example using the WPLoyalty plugin.

To create levels, visit WPLoyalty in your WordPress dashboard – Click on ‘Levels’ and ‘Create New Level’ as shown in the screenshot below.

Create VIP tiers in wooocommerce

Fill in the details as shown in the screenshot and don’t forget to click on save and close.

Woocommerce VIP tier program

For instance, customers who have points between 1000 to 2000 will be in a VIP program but at the silver level. Customers whose points lie between 2001 to 3500 will be in the gold level, and customers who are between 3501 and 4000 will be in the platinum level. Similarly, you can set the levels according to your preference.

Different VIP levels in woocommerce

Example: Earn 2 points for every $1 Spent – Silver Level

Now let’s create a Point for Purchase campaign for your VIP Customers. For example, Earn 2 points for every $1 Spent – Customers in Silver Level

To create a ‘Point for Purchase’ Campaign, visit WPLoyalty Dashboard -> Click on Campaigns -> Create New Campaign -> Point for Purchases.

Reward customers using campaigns in woocommerce

Now fill in the details and click on Add Conditions -> Customer Levels -> Choose Silver Level as shown in the screenshot below.

woocommerce points for purchase

Step 3: Allow customers to discover your VIP Loyalty Program

Finally, let your VIP customers discover at which level they are in and the campaign reward you created in the My Account Page -> Points & Reward Section. Also, your customer will be notified of the remaining points to unlock their next level.

Also, your customer can look out for their rewards on a chat-like launcher widget. It allows your customers to discover your VIP loyalty program easily. It sits nicely on the bottom right/left corner of your store and customers can click to view the rewards you offer.

Discover VIP rewards in woocommerce

With WPLoyalty, you can set up a VIP Loyalty program for WooCommerce and reward your loyal customers in an easy way.


The WooCommerce VIP loyalty program is an excellent strategy to reward your most dedicated customers for their engagement while attracting many customers to your brand. The benefits you provide in the tier based loyalty programs are important not only to its appeal but also for real.

Finally, personalize the VIP loyalty program by choosing the best plugin for your eCommerce store. Also, give it uniqueness, brand it, and successfully communicate its worth to your target audience. If you ever had an idea of setting up a VIP loyalty program, give it a start today.

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Why is it important to have a strong VIP program?

A Strong VIP loyalty program allows you to identify, track, and reward the most loyal customers of your store, which increases brand awareness and encourages purchases from both frequent and first-time buyers.

How do you reward VIP customers?

Reward VIP customers by providing them with,
1. Exclusive early access to new products
2. Points based incentives
3. Give extra points or perks
4. Surprise gifts

Who are VIP customers?

Your VIP customers are the ones who have access to special products that the rest of your customers do not. To give this exclusive experience, you must create incentives and rewards that are only available to your VIP customers.

What does it mean to have a VIP perk?

VIP Customers most often refer to people like most loyal customers who visit your store more often and spend huge revenue. These VIP customers must get special privileges or treatment. Many stores often label their most loyal (and highest-paying) customers as VIPs to offer them special perks.

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