Introducing Launcher Widget 2.0 in WPLoyalty 1.1.9

The Launcher widget has got better in WPLoyalty 1.1.9. Customize the Launcher widget to fit your branding easily and let your customers discover your loyalty rewards program. New Improved Launcher Widget The Launcher widget is one of the best ways to showcase your loyalty program and rewards to your customers. We have re-designed the entire […]

Introducing purchase history based conditions in WPLoyalty 1.1.8

You can create Points and Rewards campaigns based on the purchase history conditions with the WPLoyalty now. Example: 100 points for the first order, 200 points if the last order amount is greater than $2000, $50 reward if you purchased 10 quantities of cap in the last 30 days. Purchase History Based Conditions Rewarding customers […]

Introducing: Points Expiry & more improvements in 1.1.7

We’re excited to announce two major new features in WPLoyalty 1.1.7 – Points Expiry and the compatibility with the Aelia Currency Switcher plugin. The version also comes with a number fix and improvements. Points Expiry The much awaited feature is now available in WPLoyalty. Points expiry helps you create a more engaged, loyal customer base. […]