What Do Customers Expect From a Loyalty Program?


What Do Customers Expect From a Loyalty Program?

Almost all WooCommerce stores of all sizes run loyalty programs these days. The customers are willing to be part of the insider’s program of a business to enjoy the benefits and perks the programs offer. Also, online stores are brainstorming how to develop exciting loyalty program ideas to engage and fulfill customers’ expectations.

As an eCommerce store owner, you may be curious about implementing a WooCommerce customer loyalty program with a set of benefits and rewards the customers expect from your online store. What rewards to offer or how to promote the loyalty program in WooCommerce?

While these are reasonable queries, first, you need to discover what customers expect and need from a loyalty program. Design an engaging loyalty program to the customers’ expectations.

So let’s get started and learn more.

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Customers’ Expectations From a Loyalty Program

Here is the list of what customers expect from a loyalty program in WooCommerce. The list will help you understand the rewards program and customer behavior.

Customer expects from a loyalty program

Customers expect their Rewards to be Valuable and Achievable

The ideal way to keep customers returning to your store is by rewarding them for their loyalty. Implement a customer loyalty program that gives them offers, gifts, and exclusive discounts.

But some shoppers quit joining rewards programs mainly because of two reasons:

  1. The rewards/offers you give are not of their interest
  2. Acquiring points for rewards is too challenging

The primary thing shoppers want from your WooCommerce loyalty program is the rewards, which is the super motivating force that encourages them to join your program.

It’s essential to remember that when a customer signs up for your rewards program, it is fair that you deliver what they want in return. It is an unsaid understanding between you and your customers.

The best rewards are those that please your shoppers and lift your deals. At times, offering the best experiences can be substantially more manageable than offering products or discounts.

Suppose you run a restaurant where your customer loyalty program members can avail of a free cooking class. Or VIP night, where you excite them by providing new food your kitchen is experimenting with. You can likewise open the door to upsell different items and fulfill customers’ expectations.

Customers are progressively aware of worldwide ecological and social issues and like to realize that organizations around them support them. Hence, including social duty in your WooCommerce loyalty program can likewise be necessary for customers to associate with a brand.

Finding out which rewards customers expect will be most valuable relies upon

  • Your business
  • Your customers,
  • And the sort of rewards you need them to enjoy.

Also, take the chance to stay ahead of the competitors and to show yourself to more people. Make customers always prefer your brand by giving different types of rewards.

Reward your VIP Customers with VIP Perks

Every shopper will look forward to feeling special and unique. So, connect with them while creating a loyalty program for your VIP customers. Reward your VIP customers with VIP Perks and make them feel important.

The primary idea lies in providing your shoppers with special discounts only accessible to prime customers. Thus, you let your loyal customers feel gratified, and such a motivational dose would encourage regular customers to purchase more.

For instance, you can profit from starting a customer loyalty program if you have a tier-based rewards program. It’s more than the earn-and-redeem parameter; they also understand that your brand looks after them. They feel important; hence their bond with your business grows more fruitful than before.

Such VIP rewards programs with benefits attract other customers to the special circle. Once they enter the internal ring of loyal customers, treating them with VIP advantages and perks does the rest of the magic.

Keep your Customers excited about the Rewards

Instant rewards and benefits influence customers’ buying decisions undoubtedly. So it fulfills customers’ expectations and makes them take regular advantage of your brand.

Accordingly, your customer loyalty program in WooCommerce must allow customers to visit your brand site and participate in the rewards program every hour of the day and 365 days a year.

What else can your customers expect? They are glad to pay for the rewards program you give them.

Customers expect the Ease of Use and Convenience

It is a fast-paced digital era of smartphones and instant delight. Things need to be fast and advantageous as customers expect more from each brand. Or, it will likely get dropped when you don’t meet customers’ expectations. Shoppers anticipate quick access to rewards program benefits and the associated convenience.

So it’s vital to plan a program that is speedy, simple to join, and easy to use. Also, install and use the best plugin in your store that is user-friendly and benefits you and your customers.

Loyalty program members must know where they stand, what they have gained and saved, what’s going on currently, and what’s waiting for them.

Your WooCommerce loyalty program plugin should offer a simple dashboard informing customers about deals and updates. The more you can smooth out each step of your loyalty program, the more successful it will be.

Customers expect to be Engaged Consistently

Plan a program from the shopper’s perspective to increase customer engagement. One of the clearest replies to the inquiry “how to boost consumer loyalty” is simply being available in their lives continually.

Also, the reliable method for doing that is to speak with your customers. Not just related to the products or services your business offers. But also offer added value by advising, discussing other related subjects, and engaging beyond the purchase cycle.

You can also use marketing automation software to respond to your customers quickly and send them personalized content to boost loyalty and improve customer engagement.

Let’s say your customers are engaged not only with the advantages and benefits you offer and the brand. It implies your business will find the opportunity to stay ahead and become a need over your competitors.

Customers expect to be Appreciated

The most neglected part of what customers expect from loyalty programs is an appreciation for their loyalty. A decent customer WooCommerce loyalty program will invariably show the business’ preference for a customer’s continuous support and meeting customer expectations.

Welcome and Thank you messages are an incredible beginning.

A straightforward ‘Thank you for joining‘ email will make the customers feel quickly appreciated. Also, the significant part about utilizing an automated WooCommerce loyalty program like WpLoyalty is that this can be automated. For instance, brands can decide to have it so that each time a customer joins your program, they get a welcome email.

You can likewise contact individuals who haven’t visited in some time to get them to return. Shipping a message like the following will do the needful – “Hello Kate, we miss you around the store – come in this Friday as we have new launches and take part in our upcoming exclusive sale.”


Since the business contacts Kate directly, Kate feels appreciated and recognized for not having visited for some time, and she gets a sneak peek at new launches!

These little mail endeavors will keep them drawn in and returning because they feel esteemed and appreciated.

Customers expect a Personalized Experience

Personalization is immense. Nowadays, brands that offer WooCommerce loyalty programs to their customers should concentrate well on personalization and build more significant customer relationships that go past special offers.

Insisting on having better emotional connections with customers that help them identify with the brand’s core values.

Several brands are already taking on it. And, a whole lot of customers are accommodating with it.

To such an extent, customers anticipate that brands should offer them a customized experience even with their loyalty contributions.

Implement a customer loyalty program in WooCommerce with WPLoyalty and easily meet customer expectations.

How to Manage Customer Expectations in WooCommerce?

manage WooCommerce customer expectations

Addressing and sorting out the gap between customers’ expectations and reality is a worry for several brands. Also, handling customers’ expectations of the brand has become very challenging.

They will develop uncertain expectations more often, and their unmet expectations will frustrate them. It is one of the main reasons behind the expanding customer attrition rates.

A fulfilled and cheerful shopper can end up being a significant resource for the brand. It can positively impact the brand’s growth, assist with organic customer sourcing, and build a solid and trustworthy brand image.

Therefore it is essential to oversee customers’ expectations. A decent method for beginners is to offer the shoppers rewards and motivations in the form of a customer loyalty program and keep them held and cheerful.

Best Practices to Design a Loyalty Program For Your Business

best practises to design loyalty program

Let’s look into how to design a perfect loyalty program in WooCommerce and another set of ways to meet your customers’ expectations about your brand.

Make a Plan

The response to how to build a loyalty program for your brand begins here. Starting from

  • Creating an overall vision,
  • Laying out clear loyalty program objectives,
  • Remembering essential performance indicators to follow.

Also, ensure to keep in mind the following questions which will be helpful for you to succeed in your WooCommerce loyalty program:

  • Your objectives in the long-term
  • Is there a current customer loyalty program that can be upgraded, or do you have to develop another one from the start?
  • How would you make the loyalty program an integral part of your brand?
  • Are you aware of your customers’ expectations to offer something applicable to their needs?

Assuming you have precise answers for each one in the list, congrats – you’re all set to continue with the next phase of the online loyalty program in WooCommerce.

Develop a Design

With regards to loyalty programs’ design preparation, you need to be aware of two choices,

  • You can consider the choice to make the design yourself
  • Or go to a reliable design organization with your brand’s established history.

The first case is helpful and cost-effective, and the subsequent choice is priceless since it helps your brand to have an appealing look.

If you are wondering whether or not to pick between these two choices – we would advise you to consider hiring the experts. This way, your program will have more opportunities to be fruitful.

Make it Elegant and Attractive

The take-off point for each fruitful loyalty program is its alluring quality. Therefore, investing energy in making the program elegant and appealing is a good idea.

How to adequately accomplish this? Everything is centered around the wow factor here. We prescribe you concentrate on the following elements:

  • Thinking of a good idea behind the scenes
  • Having a fabulous rewards program name
  • Creating contagious loyalty cash

Advertise your brand

Assume your WooCommerce loyalty program is nothing but a product of your brand. With that, ask yourself, What does any new product require before it is launched? Right, it needs advertising. To foster a powerful customer loyalty program advertising, we prescribe that you give specific consideration to factors like

  • Building powerful communication with your shoppers
  • Featuring the program’s advantages,
  • And maintaining a consistent emphasis on tuning your program.

That is it!

Develop an Emotional Bond With Your Customers

Another thought you can use to respond to the inquiry “how to manage customers’ expectations in WooCommerce with a loyalty program further” is developing an emotional bond with your customers.

This technique works very smoothly and simply for expanding customer loyalty rates. The mystery of such a technique lies in addressing individuals’ desire to be engaged naturally.

Furthermore, when they don’t know about a gift, getting it for the first time builds an emotional bond. Also, it becomes the one they will need to encounter repeatedly. You can benefit from creating this sort of program by surprising shoppers when they would least anticipate it.

Examine and Improve

Once you have rolled out your WooCommerce loyalty program, you must track how effectively it meets your goals and KPIs.

A range of tools is available online to measure the performance of your loyalty program.

Measure the performance aligning with the objectives set when creating a loyalty program and make necessary changes as required.

With an automated WPLoyalty plugin, you can easily reward your customers with exciting rewards.

WooCommerce Customer Loyalty Program – Importance of Having One for Your Business

You are all set with what and how a loyalty program will work and the different ideas you need to know for setting up a loyalty program. Now, let’s consider the importance of having one for your brand.

woocommerce customer loyalty program

Retain Current Customers

Did you know that repeat customers are the most loyal ones for the business? Here is why:

  • They spend more cash, and selling products to them is easier.
  • Loyal customers promote your brand through word-of-mouth marketing.

It is why repeat customers should be your primary goal for your online customer rewards programs.

Hence, developing your repeat customer who makes repeat purchases from your business is vital. Building your online reward program around this thought will help you to

  • Increase customer retention
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Drive growth

Encourage New Customers

Acquiring new customers is a bit challenging. So it’s essential to give more attention to your newbies and make them feel welcome. An appealing loyalty program is surely an invitation to new customers to participate and enjoy the benefits. A loyalty program is a great way to develop your customer base.


Boosts Conversion Rate

A well-designed loyalty program naturally optimizes your sales conversion rate as it effortlessly engages your customers and encourages them to shop from your store.

Leveraging customer data, with a successful loyalty program, you can understand customers’ shopping behavior and preferences and tailor the reward system suitably to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience. Whereby this strategy organically increases the conversion rate.

So, it’s time you implement a customer loyalty program to enhance customer engagement and increment your site’s conversion rate.

Gather Customer Data

You can request that customers give more data about themselves to participate in your customer loyalty program. The advantages of gathering customer information are huge. Having it close by, you can use it to

  • Develop the customer experience further,
  • Refine your advertising technique,
  • Give customized offers to clients
  • Transform the information into revenue,
  • Figure out a lot of different strategies to benefit from the accumulated information.

Expand Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value is one of the key attributes you should track as an important part of the loyalty program. This is the most crucial metric that contributes to your revenue, as it costs less to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. In this way, expanding the worth of your current customers is an excellent method to drive growth.

Decrease Promotional Costs

Online businesses allocate marketing budgets. You can reduce advertising expenses by implementing a loyalty program for your customers.

Why? Because these customers will happily share insights regarding the new loyalty program with their loved ones.

Think about this as a bonus method for advertising. Considering this, consider bringing down your promotional financial budget.

Meet customers’ expectations, and give them the best shopping experience with WPLoyalty.


It’s essential to treat the shoppers who give you their time over your rivals appropriately, and undoubtedly loyalty programs are the best option. Glad we could guide you through the topic. However, what the customers genuinely anticipate from a loyalty program is:

  • Valuable and attainable rewards
  • Easy-to-use/redeem rewards and points
  • Acknowledgment and appreciation for their loyalty
  • To be a member of an elite club of your brand.

So, paying attention to the customers and appraising them is essential. Give them a great shopping experience that only your brand can. However, remember to offer them value-based advantages since customers value them.

I hope you are already up for running a loyalty program; check out this blog on how to set up a tiered loyalty program in WooCommerce.

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To reward your customers with loyalty points, check this blog to create a point-based loyalty program in WooCommerce.

What do customers want in a loyalty program?

Customers expect loyalty points and rewards from the store whenever they purchase. Customers prefer rewards that are attractive and suitable to their preferences.

How do customers feel about loyalty programs?

Customers feel special when they receive rewards from their favorite stores. Also, customers feel valued and appreciated through loyalty programs.

Why are loyalty programs important for customers?

Loyalty programs are essential because it helps you improve customer retention and increase sales & revenue.

What are the top 3 things customers want?

People expect a personalized experience, a store that values their money, and to listen to their queries.

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